Baxendale in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Baxendale
William Baxendale
James Baxendale
Thomas Baxendale
Richard Baxendale
Robert Baxendale
Joseph Baxendale
Henry Baxendale
George Baxendale
Edward Baxendale
Walter Baxendale
Wm. Baxendale
Harry Baxendale
Charles Baxendale
Herbert Baxendale
Samuel Baxendale
Peter Baxendale
Frederick Baxendale
Joshua Baxendale
David Baxendale
Arthur Baxendale
Alfred Baxendale
Jesse Baxendale
Roger Baxendale
Thos. Baxendale
Daniel Baxendale
Francis Baxendale
Ernest Baxendale
Giles Baxendale
Albert Baxendale
Tom Baxendale
Frank Baxendale
Mathew Baxendale
Lloyd Baxendale
Richd. Baxendale
Ellis Baxendale
Jno. Baxendale
Fredk. Baxendale
Fred. Baxendale
Sykes Baxendale
Stephen Baxendale
Oliver Baxendale
Andrew Baxendale
Sam Baxendale
Alex. Baxendale
Gilbert Baxendale
Adam Baxendale
Geo. Baxendale
Leigh Baxendale
Robt. Baxendale

Top female forenames

Mary Baxendale
Elizabeth Baxendale
Sarah Baxendale
Ellen Baxendale
Jane Baxendale
Margaret Baxendale
Ann Baxendale
Alice Baxendale
Martha Baxendale
Annie Baxendale
Emma Baxendale
Hannah Baxendale
Maria Baxendale
Clara Baxendale
Emily Baxendale
Eliza Baxendale
Edith Baxendale
Ada Baxendale
Nancy Baxendale
Elizth. Baxendale
Betsy Baxendale
Margt. Baxendale
Louisa Baxendale
Harriet Baxendale
Susannah Baxendale
Ruth Baxendale
Anne Baxendale
Rachel Baxendale
Lucy Baxendale
Harriett Baxendale
Charlotte Baxendale
Agnes Baxendale
Eliz. Baxendale
Helen Baxendale
Isabella Baxendale
Florence Baxendale
Bridget Baxendale
Susan Baxendale
Lydia Baxendale
Bertha Baxendale
Deborah Baxendale
Violet Baxendale
Margret Baxendale
Betty Baxendale
Eleanor Baxendale
Winifred Baxendale
Leah Baxendale
Catherine Baxendale
Gertrude Baxendale
Margery Baxendale

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Winder
General Labourer
Worsted Weaver
Cotton Cloth Weaver
Worsted Spinner
Weaver (Undef)
Cotton Worker
Cotton Rover
Stone Mason
General Laborer
Cotton Piecer
Farm Labourer
Errand Boy
Worsted Drawer
Tin Plate Worker
Farmers Wife
House Keeper
Engine Fitter
Woollen Weaver
Farmers Daughter
Domestic Servant
Works In Land (Ag Lab)
General Servant
Cotton Twiner
Pupil Teacher
Operative Cotton Spinner
Railway Porter
Farmers Son
Iron Moulder
Cotton Frame Tenter
Farmer Daughter
Farm Lab
Farmer Of 34 Acres
Farmers Daur