Bayless in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bayless
John Bayless
Henry Bayless
Thomas Bayless
James Bayless
Benjamin Bayless
Job Bayless
Benj. Bayless
Frank Bayless
Fred Bayless
Edward Bayless
Samuel Bayless
Daniel Bayless
Oliver Bayless
Albert Bayless
George Bayless
Geo.Edw. Bayless
William. Bayless
David Bayless
Roger Bayless
Charles Bayless
Benjaman Bayless
Jansan Bayless
Alfred Bayless
Jacob Bayless
Harry Bayless
Geo.Ew. Bayless
Wm. Bayless

Top female forenames

Sarah Bayless
Mary Bayless
Elizabeth Bayless
Jane Bayless
Annie Bayless
Emma Bayless
Clara Bayless
Caroline Bayless
Harriett Bayless
Ann Bayless
Emily Bayless
Ellen Bayless
Eliza Bayless
Kate Bayless
Edith Bayless
Harriet Bayless
Fanny Bayless
Zipporah Bayless
Herriett Bayless
Susanah Bayless
Florence Bayless
Agnes Bayless
Evelyn Bayless
Mariam Bayless
Lydia Bayless
Keturah Bayless
Casandra Bayless
Tamar Bayless
Herietta Bayless
Susan Bayless
Alice Bayless
Rachel Bayless
Martha Bayless
Margaret Bayless
Ellenor Bayless
Louisa Bayless
Katherine Bayless
Elen Bayless
Julia Bayless

Top occupations

Farm Laborer
Coal Miner
Scale Beam Filer Weigh Mach
Moulder (J)
General Servant Domestic
Gun Barrell Borer
Groom (N D)
Gun Filer
House Duties
Gun Barrell Maker Employs 3 Men & 1 Boy
Invalid Parish Relief
No Occupation
Mathematical Mst Mkr
Master Plumber Painter Glazer House Decorator Employing 1 Labour & 1 Boy
Ink & Sauce Maker
Laborer To His Father (Plumber)
Knitter Of Fancy Hosiery
Iron Pudler
General Servant (Dom)
General Servant
Gen Laborer
Cotton Weaver
Carter Labourer (AL)
Cabinet Maker
Boot Maker
Bill Poster
Domestic Servant
Elastic Weaver
Engine Cleaner
File Cutter
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daur
Farmer 52 Acres
Farmer & Fruiterer
Farm Waggoner
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Labs Wife
Farm Labourer