Bayliff in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bayliff
Thomas Bayliff
John Bayliff
Richard Bayliff
James Bayliff
Joseph Bayliff
Edward Bayliff
George Bayliff
Fred Bayliff
Edwin Bayliff
Wilfred Bayliff
Henry Bayliff
Isaac Bayliff
Hugh Bayliff
Walker Bayliff
Harry Bayliff
Robert Bayliff
Luke Bayliff
Ernest Bayliff
Jocob Bayliff
Alfred Bayliff
J. Bayliff
I. Bayliff
Thos. Bayliff
Godfrey Bayliff
Samuel Bayliff
Frederick Bayliff
Francis Bayliff
Leonard Bayliff
Erne Bayliff

Top female forenames

Mary Bayliff
Elizabeth Bayliff
Margaret Bayliff
Ellen Bayliff
Eleanor Bayliff
Ann Bayliff
Jane Bayliff
Annie Bayliff
Sarah Bayliff
Dorothy Bayliff
Isabella Bayliff
Florence Bayliff
Catherine Bayliff
Ellenor Bayliff
Rosa Bayliff
Matilda Bayliff
Charlotte Bayliff
Harriett Bayliff
Bridget Bayliff
Hannah Bayliff
Winifred Bayliff
Alice Bayliff
Sophia Bayliff
Emily Bayliff
A. Bayliff
Sam Bayliff
Maud Bayliff
Eliza Bayliff
Edith Bayliff
Dora Bayliff
Henrietta Bayliff
Harriet Bayliff
Grace Bayliff
Amy Bayliff
Thirza Bayliff
Emma Bayliff
Agnes Bayliff

Top occupations

Iron Miner
Farm Laborer
Carpet Weaver
Woollen Weaver
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Worsted Weaver
General Labourer
Iron Ore Miner
Laborer Agricultural
Labourer Farm
Leather & Boot Manufacturer Employing 21 Men 2 Women 10 Boys & 11 Girls
Leather Cutter
Leather Manuf Boot Manuf
Joiner Master
Licensed Victualler
Master Builder
Master Currier
Railway Porter (Goods)
Railway Porter
Nurse Dom Serv
No Occupation
National Schoolmaster
Miner (Iron)
Miner (Iron
Millitary Capt Wife
Retired Office H.M. Service
Housemaid (Dom Ser)
Domestic Servant
Cook Dom Ser
Clicker (Boot)
Clerk In Public Loan Dept
Carpenters Wife
Farmer Of 18 Acres
Housekeeper (Domestic Servant)
Housekeeper (Boarding)
House Decorator
General Servant (Domestic)
General Domestic Servant
Gardeners Wife
Formerly Schoolmistress
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Servant (Indoor)