Baynton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Baynton
Henry Baynton
William Baynton
Thomas Baynton
John Baynton
Charles Baynton
Alfred Baynton
Walter Baynton
Arthur Baynton
Edward Baynton
Samuel Baynton
Frederick Baynton
Joseph Baynton
James Baynton
Harry Baynton
Fredrick Baynton
Philip Baynton
Jarvis Baynton
Stephen Baynton
Frank Baynton
Edwin Baynton
Fred Baynton
Robert Baynton
Francis Baynton
Ernest Baynton
Percifield Baynton
Bathurst Baynton
Wilmot Baynton
A. Baynton
Rolt Baynton
Richard Baynton
Eugenie Baynton
Percy Baynton
Christopher Baynton
Jesse Baynton
C. Baynton
Wm. Baynton
Albert Baynton

Top female forenames

Mary Baynton
Sarah Baynton
Elizabeth Baynton
Ann Baynton
Eliza Baynton
Annie Baynton
Maria Baynton
Jane Baynton
Emily Baynton
Martha Baynton
Fanny Baynton
Emma Baynton
Catherine Baynton
Alice Baynton
Rosetta Baynton
Elizth. Baynton
Helen Baynton
Minnie Baynton
Gertrude Baynton
Constance Baynton
Ada Baynton
Charlotte Baynton
Margaret Baynton
Louisa Baynton
Ruth Baynton
Ellen Baynton
Amelia Baynton
Hannah Baynton
Mercy Baynton
Agnes Baynton
Clara Baynton
Florence Baynton
Susanna Baynton
Charles Baynton
Lucy Baynton
St Baynton
Caroline Baynton
Louie Baynton
Belinda Baynton
Lena Baynton
Emeline Baynton
Rachael Baynton
Allie Baynton
Hanna Baynton
E. Baynton
Agusta Baynton
Marion Baynton
Florrie Baynton
Flora Baynton
Susan Baynton

Top occupations

No Occupation
Income Derived From House Property
Cabinet Maker
Coal Miner
Ag Labr
Iron Moulder
General Labourer
General Servt (Dom)
Edge Tool Grinder
Worsted Weaver
Genl Serv
Engineer In Iron Works
Fancy Box Maker
General Servent
Farm Labr
Farm Servant
General Servant Domestic
Fireman Etc
Fish Curers Labourer
Gen Servant
General Dealer
Chair Carver
Bookbinders Finisher
Boat Builder
Beer Seller
Attendant At Bar
Assistant Schoolmaster
Artists Tool Handle Maker
Artist Painter
Carpenter &c
Cook Domestic
Cook (Domestic)
Confectioners Apprentice
Com Facters Assistant (Clk)
Clerk To The Above
Cigar Maker