Bazell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Bazell
Edward Bazell
George Bazell
John Bazell
Joseph Bazell
Richard Bazell
Harry Bazell
Alfred Bazell
James Bazell

Top female forenames

Sarah Bazell
Harriett Bazell
Emily Bazell
Elizabeth Bazell
Susan Bazell
Ada Bazell
Mary Bazell
Annie Bazell
Alice Bazell
Selina Bazell
Melinda Bazell
Marian Bazell
Clara Bazell
Angeline Bazell
Jane Bazell
Francis Bazell
Ellen Bazell
Eliza Bazell

Top occupations

Errand Boy
Parlour Maid Domstc
Prison Officer
Retired Prison Officer
Architects Assistant
Servant Domestic
Ships Painter
Student Of Theology
Farmer & Milkmans Wife
Farmer & Milkmans Son
Farmer & Milkmans Daur
Farmer & Milkman
Farm Bailiff
Custom Officer
Chimney Sweep
Vagrant (No Occ)