Beans in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Beans
Charles Beans
George Beans
William Beans
Robert Beans
Henry Beans
Alfred Beans
Joseph Beans
John Beans
Evan Beans
Edward Beans
James Beans
Frederick Beans
Eustace Beans
Sarah Beans
Benjamin Beans
Abel Beans
Martin Beans
Benjn. Beans
Samiel Beans
Patrick Beans
Henary Beans

Top female forenames

Mary Beans
Jane Beans
Frances Beans
Ann Beans
Catherine Beans
Julia Beans
Harriett Beans
Eliza Beans
Laura Beans
Emma Beans
Elizabeth Beans
Charlotte Beans
Margret Beans
Letitia Beans
Annie Beans
Anna Beans
Ada Beans
Emily Beans
Susan Beans
Rebekah Beans
Clara Beans
Maria Beans
Cathrine Beans
Margaret Beans
Bridget Beans
Anne Beans
Harriet Beans
Sar.Ann Beans
Edith Beans

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Piecer Cotton
General Serv
Ag Lab
Late Gamekeeper
Landed Proprietor Farming 150 Acres 1 Bailiff 7 Labourers
Labourer For Excavators
Iron Works Labourer
Iron Rivetter
Housekeeper To Father
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Rope Maker
Retired Domestic Serv
Powerloom Weaver
Miller (Corn)
Masters Wife
Wife Of A Traveller
House Keeper
Dock Laborer
Cotton Winder Unemployed
Cook (Domestic)
Coal Merchant
Brewers Man
Analytical Chemist
Agri Lab
Domestic (House Maid)
Domestic Servant
Greenwich Naval Pensioner
General Servant
Formerly Grocer
Farmers Son
Farmer of 91 Acers
Farmer of 100 Acers of Land
Farm Laborer
Factory Operative
F W Knitter
(Ag Lab) (Farmers Servant)