Beatson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Beatson
George Beatson
William Beatson
Thomas Beatson
Joseph Beatson
Charles Beatson
Albert Beatson
Arthur Beatson
Leonard Beatson
Walter Beatson
Frederick Beatson
Benjamin Beatson
Matthew Beatson
Sandy Beatson
Edward Beatson
Isaac Beatson
Michael Beatson
Harry Beatson
Alfred Beatson
Samuel Beatson
James Beatson
David Beatson
Henry Beatson
Harold Beatson
Wm. Beatson
Archibald Beatson
Luke Beatson
Godfrey Beatson
Alexander Beatson
Lennox Beatson
Fredrick Beatson
Tom Beatson
Adam Beatson
Fred. Beatson
Frances Beatson
Jno. Beatson
Roger Beatson
Claude Beatson
Richd. Beatson
Hy. Beatson
Bernard Beatson
Mathew Beatson
Gordon Beatson
Willm. Beatson
Josh. Beatson
Thos. Beatson
Jonathan Beatson
Frank Beatson
Sidney Beatson
Joe Beatson

Top female forenames

Mary Beatson
Sarah Beatson
Ann Beatson
Elizabeth Beatson
Annie Beatson
Hannah Beatson
Florence Beatson
Emma Beatson
Ada Beatson
Clara Beatson
Agnes Beatson
Martha Beatson
Jane Beatson
Maria Beatson
Emily Beatson
Ellen Beatson
Zillah Beatson
Charlotte Beatson
Eva Beatson
Ruth Beatson
Julia Beatson
Eliza Beatson
Caroline Beatson
Anne Beatson
Louisa Beatson
Rebecca Beatson
Isabella Beatson
Millicent Beatson
Helen Beatson
Margaret Beatson
Lucy Beatson
Anna Beatson
Kathleen Beatson
Rose Beatson
Alice Beatson
Ema Beatson
Polly Beatson
Elizth. Beatson
Nelley Beatson
Infant Beatson
Elizbth. Beatson
Meneva Beatson
Harriet Beatson
Hamilton Beatson
Winifred Beatson
Mabel Beatson
Fanney Beatson
Ethel Beatson
Roseann Beatson
Katherine Beatson

Top occupations

Table Knife Cutler
Spring Knife Cutler
Table Knife Hafter
Farmers Son
Factory Hand (Umbrella)
Ferrule Maker (Others 21/12)
Farmer's Son
Coal Miner
Income From Dividends
Grocer & Draper
Furnace Man (Fac Lab)
Housekeeper (Dom)
General Labourer
General Laborer
Furule Maker Sp (M)
Ferrule Maker
Furule Maker (Other 21/12)
Ferrule Maker (Sp M) (Other 21/2)
File Cutter Apprentice
Furule Maker (Apprentice)(Other 21/12)
Furrule Maker (Other 12)
Furnaceman Fac Lab
Foreman At Chemical Works
Cotton Hooker
Farmer Of 16 Acres Of Land
Assists In Grocers Shop
Char Woman
Clerk In Holy Orders ...
Cloth Weaver
Coachman (Domestic Serv)
Cotton Weaver
Dom Serv Cook
Domestic Servant
Drapers Shop Assistant
Farm Laborer
Farmer 16 1/2 Acres
Farmer 27 Acres 1 Laborer