Beatty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Beatty
William Beatty
James Beatty
Thomas Beatty
Robert Beatty
George Beatty
Edward Beatty
Charles Beatty
Richard Beatty
David Beatty
Arthur Beatty
Andrew Beatty
Alexander Beatty
Joseph Beatty
Wm. Beatty
Samuel Beatty
Edmond Beatty
Henry Beatty
Francis Beatty
Albert Beatty
Phillip Beatty
Frederick Beatty
Martin Beatty
Fanny Beatty
Adam Beatty
Ernest Beatty
Roland Beatty
Jeremiah Beatty
Robt. Beatty
Isaac Beatty
C.H. Beatty
Augustus Beatty
Peter Beatty
Archibald Beatty
Pakenham Beatty
Fredrick Beatty
Alfred Beatty
Matthew Beatty
Vandaleur Beatty
Lionel Beatty
Ervine Beatty
Sinclair Beatty
Johnny Beatty
Ross Beatty
Jessie Beatty
Earnest Beatty
Robt.B. Beatty
Horace Beatty
Benjamin Beatty
Guy Beatty

Top female forenames

Mary Beatty
Jane Beatty
Margaret Beatty
Catherine Beatty
Sarah Beatty
Ann Beatty
Isabella Beatty
Alice Beatty
Eliza Beatty
Ellen Beatty
Elizabeth Beatty
Hannah Beatty
Florence Beatty
Edith Beatty
Emily Beatty
Louisa Beatty
Frances Beatty
Kate Beatty
Annie Beatty
Martha Beatty
Winifred Beatty
Ethel Beatty
Kathleen Beatty
Bridget Beatty
Julia Beatty
Maria Beatty
Agnes Beatty
Harriet Beatty
Sophia Beatty
Ida Beatty
Theresa Beatty
Adelaide Beatty
Susan Beatty
Deliah Beatty
Mabel Beatty
Sofia Beatty
Charlotte Beatty
Rose Beatty
Emma Beatty
Phillis Beatty
Ellena Beatty
Milley Beatty
Augusta Beatty
Jessie Beatty
Elleanor Beatty
Anne Beatty
Jemima Beatty
Elizabth. Beatty
Marion Beatty
Violet Beatty

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Gen Lab
Railway Clerk
General Labourer
Mantle Maker
Provision Merchant
Throstle Spinner
Pupil Teacher
Audit Clerk Rly
Gen Serv
General Laborer
2nd Capt Qr Deck Men
Wranght... (Artizan)
Cordwainer (Invalid)
Corn Dealer
Cotton Cloth Salesman (Deal)
Dock Laborer
Customs Officer
Curate Of Rusthall
Cotton Spinner
Assistant Milliner
Bricklayers Laborer
Brush Maker
C S Clerk (Local Govt Board)
Cake Shop (Confec)
Capt Focsle
Cartrage Maker
Blacksmith R N
Church Of England Curate
Capt Focle
Basket Woman
Allowance From Father
Assistant Surgeon Edinburgh University (Med)