Beauvais in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Adolphe Beauvais
Robt.N. Beauvais
Paul Beauvais
Joseph Beauvais
Francis Beauvais
Adolph Beauvais
Robert Beauvais
Jules Beauvais
James Beauvais

Top female forenames

Mary Beauvais
Sarah Beauvais
Lizzie Beauvais
Jane Beauvais
Clarisse Beauvais
Anais Beauvais
Selina Beauvais
Mathilde Beauvais
Louisa Beauvais
Josephine Beauvais
Ellen Beauvais
Bassina Beauvais

Top occupations

Wine & Spirit Merchant
Cabinet Maker
Teacher (School) French
Retired Master Mariner
Marquetterie Cutter
French Polisher
Farmer Of 111 Acres Employing 5 Farm Servants
Cabinet Maker Employ 5 Men 1 Boy