Beazer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Beazer
George Beazer
James Beazer
Joseph Beazer
John Beazer
Henry Beazer
Charles Beazer
Frank Beazer
Albert Beazer
Isaac Beazer
Thomas Beazer
Eli Beazer
Robert Beazer
Edmund Beazer
Mark Beazer
Darcey Beazer
Jesse Beazer
Willie Beazer
Freaderick Beazer
Walter Beazer
Francis Beazer
Edward Beazer
Maurice Beazer
Edgar Beazer
Joshua Beazer
Cornelius Beazer
Bernard Beazer
Worthy Beazer
Frederick Beazer
Tom Beazer

Top female forenames

Mary Beazer
Kate Beazer
Ann Beazer
Emily Beazer
Elizabeth Beazer
Sarah Beazer
Blanche Beazer
Jane Beazer
Annie Beazer
Hannah Beazer
Fanny Beazer
Clara Beazer
Lucy Beazer
Caroline Beazer
Anne Beazer
Emma Beazer
Cecilia Beazer
Louesa Beazer
Hilda Beazer
Allice Beazer
Susan Beazer
Rhoda Beazer
Pamela Beazer
Matilda Beazer
Bertha Beazer
Isabella Beazer
Harriett Beazer
Amelia Beazer
Florence Beazer
Rachel Beazer
Ellen Beazer
Maude Beazer
Eliza Beazer

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Stone Mason
Mason Journeyman
Ag Lab
Ladys Maid
Labourer in Iron Works
Malsters Labourer
Labourer (Dock)
Housemaid Domestic Servant
No Occupation
Latterday Saint Missionary
Nursemaid (Domestic Servant)
Shoe Maker
Serv Genl
School Teacher
Railway Signal Man
Police Constable
Plasterer (Gen Shop)
Parish Clerk Wife
Parish Clerk
Outfitter (Tailor)
Grocers Manager
Gen Lab Wife
Coal Miner
Carpet Weaver (Worsted)
Carpet Designer (Out Of Employ)
Carpenter Apprentice
Brewers Servant
Bootmakers Wife
(General) Domestic Servant
Coal Miner Wife
Cook Domestic Servant
Gen Lab Widow
Gen Lab M
Formerly Shoemaker
Fish Monger Wife
Fish Monger
Farm Labourer Wife
Estate Agent
Domestic Servant (House Md)
Dier (Carpets)