Becher in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Becher
Henry Becher
Arthur Becher
William Becher
Samuel Becher
Edward Becher
Chas.Alex Becher
Cecil Becher
Augustas Becher
Andreas Becher
Trevor Becher
Adolph Becher
Percy Becher
James Becher
George Becher
Chas.D.J. Becher
Charles Becher
Carl Becher
Alfred Becher

Top female forenames

Mary Becher
Henrietta Becher
Ethel Becher
Elizabeth Becher
Edith Becher
Lydia Becher
Emma Becher
Augusta Becher
Francis Becher
Willhelmina Becher
Theodora Becher
Rose Becher
Caroline Becher
Maud Becher
Annie Becher
Alice Becher
Jane Becher
Ada Becher
Gertrude Becher
Florence Becher
Victoria Becher
Edyth Becher
Sarah Becher
Dorothea Becher
Millie Becher
Anne Becher
Johanna Becher
Aimee Becher

Top occupations

Governess (Tr)
Governess (T)
General Shopkeeper
General Royal Engineers
Governess Private
House & Land Owner
Mantin ? Maker
No Occup
Pew Opener
Retired Genl Offcr Indian Army
General (Army)
Gas Fitter
Assist Curate Of St Helens
Barrister Not In Practice
Barrister Wife
Captain 1st Dragoon Guards
Captain On The Retired List Of Indian Army
Chaplin H M I L (Army Officer)
Civil Engineer
Clerk In Stock Exchange Dealers Office
Colonels Daughter
Screw Maker