Beckton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Beckton
John Beckton
Joseph Beckton
Thomas Beckton
Tom Beckton
Robert Beckton
James Beckton
Ernest Beckton
Ben Beckton
Matthew Beckton
Hugh Beckton
Henry Beckton
Featherstone Beckton
Walter Beckton
Charles Beckton
Benjamin Beckton
Richard Beckton
Arthur Beckton
Joshua Beckton
Isaac Beckton
Herbert Beckton
George Beckton
Bertram Beckton

Top female forenames

Mary Beckton
Ann Beckton
Jane Beckton
Alice Beckton
Margaret Beckton
Elizabeth Beckton
Annie Beckton
Deborah Beckton
Hannah Beckton
Ethel Beckton
Amelia Beckton
Esther Beckton
Aruchia Beckton
Isabella Beckton
Gertrude Beckton
Emma Beckton
Edith Beckton
Maud Beckton
Christina Beckton
Barther Beckton
Hatte Beckton
Anna Beckton
Grace Beckton
Francis Beckton
Agatha Beckton
Sarah Beckton
Bridget Beckton
Jannet Beckton
Annas Beckton

Top occupations

No Occupation
Income From Dividends
Woollen Mule Peicer
Farmer Wife
Dom Serv
Pianoforte Tuner (10/6)
Gen Farm Serv
General Servt (Domestic)
Grocer's Apprentice
School Boy
Retired Farmer Wife
Lace Warehouseman
Landed Proprietor
Lawyers Clerk
Linen Draper
Manageress Glass Warehouse (Dlr)
Retired Cotton Spinner & Manc
Registrar Of Births & Deaths & Coliery Officer Or Railway Officer (Munic)
Railway Clerk
Plumber & Decorator Emp 9 Men & 2 Boys
Gamekeepers Wife
Gamekeepers Son
Gamekeepers Daur
Domestic Servant (Ag Lab)
Corn Dealer
Coal Miner
Civil Engineneer
C E Wife
C E Draughtesman
At Home
Assistant Overseer (Miner)
Draper Assistant
Engine Fitter
Factory Operative (Tex)
Farming 124 Acres Emp 1 Man
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Brother In Law
Farmer Of 85 Ac
Farmer Of 50 Acres
Farmer Of 30 Ac
Farmer Of 22 Ac