Beckworth in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Beckworth
John Beckworth
Thomas Beckworth
James Beckworth
George Beckworth
Robert Beckworth
Christopher Beckworth
Charles Beckworth
Arthur Beckworth
Edgar Beckworth
Benjamin Beckworth
Harry Beckworth
Wm.Bernard Beckworth
Ernest Beckworth
Walter Beckworth
Richard Beckworth
Metcalf Beckworth
Alf Beckworth
Joseph Beckworth
Jas. Beckworth
Henery Beckworth
Wm.H. Beckworth
Chris Beckworth
Richd. Beckworth
Morrow Beckworth
Alfred Beckworth
Matthew Beckworth

Top female forenames

Mary Beckworth
Sarah Beckworth
Elizabeth Beckworth
Jane Beckworth
Eliza Beckworth
Hannah Beckworth
Florence Beckworth
Alice Beckworth
Annie Beckworth
Ellen Beckworth
Emma Beckworth
Agnes Beckworth
Louisa Beckworth
Christina Beckworth
Lizzia Beckworth
Charles Beckworth
Sophia Beckworth
Betty Beckworth
Francis Beckworth
Rosamond Beckworth
Fanny Beckworth
Anna Beckworth
Priscilla Beckworth
Amy Beckworth
Minnie Beckworth
Margurite Beckworth
Clara Beckworth
Louis Beckworth
Charlotte Beckworth
Kate Beckworth
Caroline Beckworth
Selina Beckworth
Betsy Beckworth
Ruth Beckworth
Anne Beckworth
Rebecca Beckworth
Eva Beckworth
Ann Beckworth
Phoebe Beckworth
Emily Beckworth
Milly Beckworth
Maria Beckworth
Crissey Beckworth

Top occupations

General Laborer
Book Keeper
Fustian Cutter
Gardener (Dom)
House Wife
House Painter
Horse Driver (Common)
Grocers Assistant
General Serv
Farm Servant Indoor
Fitter (E..)
General Labourer
Housekeeper Dom
Licenced Victualler Posting House Keeper
Leather Shaver Currier
Lace Clipper
Labourer Sanitary
Labourer Out Of Employ
Labourer Carter
Labourer Brewery
Lab In Gasworks
Farm Bailiffs Wife
Farm Bailiff
Coachman Domestic Serv
Civil Engineer & Land Surveyor
Chair Maker
Building Societys Clerk
Builder & Innkeeper (Employing 22 Men)
Brass Finisher
Boot Fitter
Bookseller Manager
Baliffs Dau
Armour Plate Slotter
Coachman Wife
Cutter (Tailor)
Factory Winder Cotton (Hosiery)
Engineer (Art)
Engine Fitter At Wks
Dressmaker & Shop Keeper
Domestic Servant (Nurse)
Domestic Servant
Dom Serv
Dock Laborer
Dealer (Gen)