Beddard in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Beddard
William Beddard
Thomas Beddard
Joseph Beddard
Benjamin Beddard
Henry Beddard
Frank Beddard
James Beddard
Charles Beddard
Alfred Beddard
Frederick Beddard
Joshua Beddard
Edward Beddard
Richard Beddard
Samuel Beddard
Eli Beddard
David Beddard
Francis Beddard
Daniel Beddard
Harry Beddard
Isaac Beddard
George Beddard
Geo. Beddard
Laban Beddard
Wm.E. Beddard
Christopher Beddard
Walter Beddard
Horace Beddard
Sidney Beddard
Abel Beddard
Mathew Beddard
Limeck Beddard
Wm.H. Beddard
Isaiah Beddard
Chas. Beddard
Tom Beddard
Hozekiah Beddard
Cain Beddard
Solomon Beddard
Herbert Beddard
Arthur Beddard
Albert Beddard
Nathan Beddard
Mary Beddard

Top female forenames

Mary Beddard
Sarah Beddard
Elizabeth Beddard
Ann Beddard
Eliza Beddard
Louisa Beddard
Annie Beddard
Emma Beddard
Hannah Beddard
Emily Beddard
Catherine Beddard
Phoebe Beddard
Alice Beddard
Harriet Beddard
Caroline Beddard
Susan Beddard
Anne Beddard
Rachel Beddard
Kate Beddard
Jane Beddard
Amelia Beddard
Minnie Beddard
Frances Beddard
Martha Beddard
Lilly Beddard
Maria Beddard
Fanny Beddard
Lucy Beddard
Phebe Beddard
Clara Beddard
Charlotte Beddard
Florance Beddard
Susannah Beddard
Margaret Beddard
Ethel Beddard
Bertha Beddard
Sabina Beddard
Ellen Beddard
Pheobe Beddard
Allice Beddard
Edith Beddard
Nellie Beddard
Ada Beddard
Honour Beddard
Comfort Beddard
Nancy Beddard
Clandia Beddard
Florence Beddard
Susanah Beddard
Betsy Beddard

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Chain Maker
Domestic Servant
Nail Maker
General Labourer
General Dealer
Iron Worker
No Occupation
Child Of J Beddard
Puddler at Ironworks
Non Worker
General Servant
Farm Servant
Farmer Of 218 Ac. Employing 3 Men 2 Boys
Farm Servt
Filter Maker (Iron)
Farmer Of 530 Acres Employing 5 Laborers & 2 Boys
Gen Labourer
Farmer Of 7 Acres & Coal Hauler
Furnace Heater
Farmer Unemployed
Formerly Pawn Broker
Farmers Widow Retired
Farmers Wife
Coal Miner Unemployed
Apprentice Glass Cutter
Beerhouse Keeper & Colliery Engineer
Blast Furnace Engineer
Board School Master
Bricklayers Labourer
Wife Of Puddler
Carriage Fitter
Clerk (Millers)
Apprentice Pupil Teacher
Colliery Bankman
Colliery Engineer
Deriving Income From Houses To Rent