Bedell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Bedell
William Bedell
John Bedell
James Bedell
George Bedell
Benjamin Bedell
Thomas Bedell
Frederick Bedell
Alexander Bedell
Peter Bedell
Joseph Bedell
Chas. Bedell
Thos. Bedell
Alfred Bedell
Spencer Bedell
Jno. Bedell
Edwin Bedell
Harry Bedell
Arthur Bedell
Samuel Bedell
Fredk. Bedell
Albert Bedell
Frederic Bedell
Francis Bedell
Enoch Bedell
Hubert Bedell
Bryan Bedell
Wright Bedell
Benjaman Bedell
Harold Bedell
Geo. Bedell
Alex. Bedell
Richard Bedell
Lewis Bedell
Frank Bedell
Jos. Bedell
Ernest Bedell
Isacc Bedell
Caleb Bedell
Herbert Bedell

Top female forenames

Sarah Bedell
Jane Bedell
Annie Bedell
Alice Bedell
Eliza Bedell
Ann Bedell
Elizabeth Bedell
Catherine Bedell
Emily Bedell
Susan Bedell
Mary Bedell
Hannah Bedell
Ethel Bedell
Margaret Bedell
Louisa Bedell
Kate Bedell
Emma Bedell
Josephine Bedell
Emilie Bedell
Ada Bedell
Jessie Bedell
Elizth. Bedell
Teresa Bedell
Henryetta Bedell
Sophia Bedell
Helen Bedell
Edith Bedell
Matha Bedell
Harriet Bedell
Daisy Bedell
Martha Bedell
Frances Bedell
Celia Bedell
Fanny Bedell
Bessie Bedell
Lily Bedell
Esther Bedell
Julia Bedell
Agnes Bedell
Jessy Bedell
Ellen Bedell
Violet Bedell
Henrietta Bedell
Eleanor Bedell
Harriett Bedell
Dorethea Bedell
Charlotte Bedell
Maria Bedell
Florence Bedell

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Drapers Assistant
Farm Labourer
Commercial Clerk
Farmers Wife
Ag Lab
Farmer Of 23 Acres
Farmer Of 121 Acres Employing One Boy
Farm Servant
Farm Serv
Engine Fitter
Engine Driver At Coal Mine
Dress Maker
Housemaid Domestic Servt
Farmer Of 270 Acres Empg 4 Labs & 1 Boy
Farmers Son
Genrl Lab
Gen Lab
French Polisher
Foreman Of Earthenware
Governess Pvte
Fireman At C Mine
Genrl Servant
Drapers Apprentice
Cocoa Fibre Mat Maker
Coal Carter
Cloth Weaver
Clergyman Without Cure
Cellarman (Wine Store)
Wire Worker
Boot Maker (Rounder)
Coml Clerk Ship Broker
Comm Wine Merchants Traveller
Domestic Servt (Usher Of Hall)
Domestic Servt
Dairymaid (Ag)
Cotton Weaver (Out Of Employ)
Cotton & Linen Manufacturer
Commercial Hardware (Trav)
Commercial Book