Bedingfield in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Bedingfield
George Bedingfield
William Bedingfield
John Bedingfield
Charles Bedingfield
Robert Bedingfield
Henry Bedingfield
Arthur Bedingfield
Albert Bedingfield
Walter Bedingfield
Howard Bedingfield
Thomas Bedingfield
Herbert Bedingfield
Frederick Bedingfield
Richard Bedingfield
Philip Bedingfield
Francis Bedingfield
Felix Bedingfield
Norman Bedingfield
Edward Bedingfield
Karul Bedingfield
Edgar Bedingfield
Cornelius Bedingfield
W. Bedingfield
Stephen Bedingfield
Harry Bedingfield
Frances Bedingfield
Ernest Bedingfield
Matthew Bedingfield
Edmund Bedingfield
Willing Bedingfield
Joseph Bedingfield
Daniel Bedingfield
Charlie Bedingfield
Victor Bedingfield
Horace Bedingfield
Benjamin Bedingfield
Sydney Bedingfield
Alfred Bedingfield
S. Bedingfield
Richd.King Bedingfield
Ralph Bedingfield

Top female forenames

Mary Bedingfield
Elizabeth Bedingfield
Sarah Bedingfield
Ellen Bedingfield
Susan Bedingfield
Alice Bedingfield
Rosa Bedingfield
Kate Bedingfield
Jane Bedingfield
Charlotte Bedingfield
Ada Bedingfield
Eliza Bedingfield
Ann Bedingfield
Catherine Bedingfield
Hannah Bedingfield
Frances Bedingfield
Annie Bedingfield
Emma Bedingfield
Louisa Bedingfield
Selina Bedingfield
Dinah Bedingfield
Charity Bedingfield
Martha Bedingfield
Lucy Bedingfield
Edith Bedingfield
Matilda Bedingfield
Harriett Bedingfield
Blanche Bedingfield
Marion Bedingfield
Winifred Bedingfield
Margaret Bedingfield
Eunice Bedingfield
Teresa Bedingfield
Amy Bedingfield
Lydia Bedingfield
Jessie Bedingfield
Infant Bedingfield
Polly Bedingfield
Helen Bedingfield
Mathilda Bedingfield
Harriet Bedingfield
Caroline Bedingfield
Girsa Bedingfield
Bethia Bedingfield
Maria Bedingfield
Florence Bedingfield
Treasa Bedingfield
Mahala Bedingfield
Ethel Bedingfield
Susannah Bedingfield

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Garden Labourer
Lodging House Keeper
Agricultural Labourer
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Farmer 67 3/4 Acres Of Land Employing 3 Men
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 40 Acres Land Employing 1 Man
Gardener (M)
Grocers Clerk
Genl Labourer
General Shopkeeper
Formerly Licensed Victualler
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Serv (Domestic)
General Serv
General Labourer
Domestic Servt Cook
Baronets Widow
Artist Painter
Apprentice Plumber
Accountants Clerk
Ag Labr
Ag Lab Wife
5th Officer
Bombr Soldier
Dealer (Cattle)
Curate Of Winkfield Trowbridge
Cornfactors Wife
Cornfactors Foreman
Coal Dealer & Carrier
Capt Hold
Butcher Master