Beedle in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Beedle
John Beedle
Thomas Beedle
Joseph Beedle
Richard Beedle
Robert Beedle
George Beedle
Edward Beedle
Henry Beedle
Alfred Beedle
Thos. Beedle
Charles Beedle
James Beedle
Herbert Beedle
Wm. Beedle
Harry Beedle
Francis Beedle
Arthur Beedle
Philip Beedle
Robt. Beedle
Newton Beedle
Albert Beedle
Walter Beedle
Frederick Beedle
Mathew Beedle
Frank Beedle
Leonard Beedle
Evan Beedle
Syd. Beedle
Jesse Beedle
David Beedle
Asquith Beedle
Andrew Beedle
Morgan Beedle
Fredk. Beedle
Matthew Beedle
Fred Beedle
Mark Beedle
Josh. Beedle
Edwin Beedle
Ebenezer Beedle
Stainthorpe Beedle
Jas. Beedle
Irvine Beedle
Moses Beedle
Abraham Beedle
Michael Beedle

Top female forenames

Mary Beedle
Sarah Beedle
Elizabeth Beedle
Eliza Beedle
Hannah Beedle
Ann Beedle
Jane Beedle
Annie Beedle
Margaret Beedle
Ellen Beedle
Martha Beedle
Catherine Beedle
Charlotte Beedle
Susannah Beedle
Maria Beedle
Caroline Beedle
Emma Beedle
Isabella Beedle
Margret Beedle
Emily Beedle
Anne Beedle
Elizth. Beedle
Edith Beedle
Clara Beedle
Sophia Beedle
Louisa Beedle
Ada Beedle
Eleanor Beedle
Harriet Beedle
Dorothy Beedle
Minnie Beedle
Frances Beedle
William Beedle
Florence Beedle
Susan Beedle
Carrie Beedle
Ester Beedle
Bessie Beedle
Marcia Beedle
Sally Beedle
Louise Beedle
Rosa Beedle
Amelia Beedle
Lilly Beedle
Elizh.A. Beedle
Rebecca Beedle
Polly Beedle
Harriett Beedle
Nancy Beedle
Winnifred Beedle

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
General Labourer
Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Lead Miner
Miners Wife
Glass Bottle Maker
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Ag Lab
Commercial Clerk
Drapers Assistant
Nurse (Dom)
Ag Labourer
Assistant To Father (Gen Dlr)
Farmers Daur
Lodging House Keeper
Engine Cleaner (Rly)
Farm Serv Indoor
Domes Servt Nurse
Ag Lab (Retired)
Domestic Servant (Unemployed)
Ag (Farm) Labourer
Dress Maker
Errand Boy
Emery Cloth Maker
Clicker Boot Factory
Assistant With Mother
Blast Iron Furnace Labourer
Blast Iron Furnace Labourer Wife
Chemical Stoperer (Manf)
Bank Messenger
Commercial Traveller
Blast Furnace Labourer (Iron) Wife
Bakers (Assistant)
Agric Labourer
B 1 Cl