Beeley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Beeley
William Beeley
George Beeley
Thomas Beeley
James Beeley
Joseph Beeley
Charles Beeley
Alfred Beeley
Arthur Beeley
Samuel Beeley
Robert Beeley
Henry Beeley
Walter Beeley
Frederick Beeley
Albert Beeley
Edmund Beeley
Herbert Beeley
Hugh Beeley
Edward Beeley
Daniel Beeley
Sam Beeley
Fred. Beeley
Richard Beeley
Frank Beeley
Edwin Beeley
Peter Beeley
Horace Beeley
Ben Beeley
Fred Beeley
Philip Beeley
Luke Beeley
Adam Beeley
Thos. Beeley
Jonathan Beeley
Saml. Beeley
Fredk. Beeley
Benj. Beeley
Basil Beeley
J. Beeley
Phillip Beeley
Agustus Beeley
Kenyon Beeley
Tom Beeley
David Beeley
Joshua Beeley
Harry Beeley
Cornelius Beeley
Josep Beeley
Geo. Beeley
Charls Beeley

Top female forenames

Mary Beeley
Sarah Beeley
Elizabeth Beeley
Jane Beeley
Ann Beeley
Annie Beeley
Eliza Beeley
Martha Beeley
Hannah Beeley
Margaret Beeley
Emma Beeley
Ellen Beeley
Alice Beeley
Clara Beeley
Emily Beeley
Fanny Beeley
Ada Beeley
Harriet Beeley
Betsy Beeley
Maria Beeley
Charlotte Beeley
Eleanor Beeley
Grace Beeley
Edith Beeley
Lucy Beeley
Frances Beeley
Lilly Beeley
Rachel Beeley
Beatrice Beeley
Matilda Beeley
Florence Beeley
Caroline Beeley
Rebecca Beeley
Lilian Beeley
Ella Beeley
Norah Beeley
Julia Beeley
Minnie Beeley
Eliz. Beeley
Alberta Beeley
Harriett Beeley
Eleonar Beeley
Edwiner Beeley
Margret Beeley
Teresa Beeley
Clarinda Beeley
Marg Beeley
Sophia Beeley
Birtha Beeley
Lilley Beeley

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Operative
Ag Lab
Spring Knife Cutler
Cotton Piecer
House Keeper
Farm Labourer
House Maid
Farmer Of 36 Acres Jointly
Police Constable
Press Worker (Pen)
Retired Farmer
Retired Farmer Wife
Silver Burnisher
Domestic Serv
Dress Maker
Beerhouse Keeper
Prof Of Music
Laborer At Print Works
Hat Trimmer
Brass Founder
Moulder Iron & Steel Works
Railway Platelayer
Weaver In Cotton Mill
Cotton Roving Frame Tenter
Cotton Reeler
Waitress (Dom Serv)
Workhouse Master (Munic)
Cotton Mixer
Beer Agent
Butcher Master
Card Room Hand Cotton
Card Room Cotton Hand
Calico Machine Printer
Butchers Assistant