Beeny in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Beeny
Alfred Beeny
Walter Beeny
William Beeny
Charles Beeny
Lewis Beeny
Henry Beeny
Frank Beeny
Arthur Beeny
Wallace Beeny
Edward Beeny
Sampson Beeny
Newton Beeny
Benjamin Beeny
James Beeny
Absalom Beeny
Edwin Beeny
Thomas Beeny
Edmund Beeny
Robert Beeny
Bertram Beeny
Matthew Beeny
John Beeny
Alban Beeny
Herbert Beeny
Absalam Beeny
Harry Beeny
Fredc. Beeny
Ernest Beeny

Top female forenames

Mary Beeny
Olive Beeny
Jane Beeny
Esther Beeny
Ella Beeny
Sarah Beeny
Edith Beeny
Bertha Beeny
Margaret Beeny
Anna Beeny
Lydia Beeny
Alice Beeny
Lettitia Beeny
Julia Beeny
Fannetty Beeny
Emily Beeny
Susannah Beeny
Elizth. Beeny
Rebaca Beeny
Betsey Beeny
Anne Beeny
M. Beeny
Ann Beeny
Lily Beeny
Ada Beeny
Katherine Beeny

Top occupations

Ag Labourer
Ag Lab
General Servant
Harness Maker
Ironmongers Traveller
Joiner Journeyman
Milk Carrier
Pork Butcher
Sadler Master (1 Man)
General Lab
Gen Porter
Fish Hawker
Ag Lab Son Labourer
Ag Lab Wife
Ag Labourer Wife
Artists Assistant
Clerk Corn Merchant
Domestic Servant
Domestic Svt
Draper And Hosier
Employed In Gravel Pits
Farm Bailiff 300 Acres
Farm Labr