Beilby in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Beilby
George Beilby
William Beilby
Thomas Beilby
Robert Beilby
Arthur Beilby
Joseph Beilby
James Beilby
Geo. Beilby
Herbert Beilby
Walter Beilby
Fred Beilby
Henry Beilby
Charles Beilby
Alfred Beilby
David Beilby
Samuel Beilby
Richard Beilby
Jonathan Beilby
Hy. Beilby
Christopher Beilby
Ernest Beilby
Edwin Beilby
Wm. Beilby
Matthew Beilby
Francis Beilby
Elias Beilby
Jhon Beilby
Edward Beilby
Gilbert Beilby
Roger Beilby
Benjamin Beilby
Frederick Beilby
Reuben Beilby
Frank Beilby
Charls Beilby
Henery Beilby
C.J. Beilby
Robt. Beilby
Authur Beilby
Fredk. Beilby
Archie Beilby

Top female forenames

Mary Beilby
Elizabeth Beilby
Annie Beilby
Ann Beilby
Jane Beilby
Hannah Beilby
Emma Beilby
Sarah Beilby
Alice Beilby
Maria Beilby
Frances Beilby
Edith Beilby
Florence Beilby
Charlotte Beilby
Emily Beilby
Eliza Beilby
Margaret Beilby
Ellen Beilby
Anne Beilby
Elizh. Beilby
Rachel Beilby
Eleanor Beilby
Maude Beilby
Catherine Beilby
Ethelfleda Beilby
Caroline Beilby
Emley Beilby
Louisa Beilby
Selina Beilby
Amelia Beilby
Rose Beilby
Helen Beilby
Agness Beilby
Rebecca Beilby
Eliz. Beilby
A. Beilby
Minnie Beilby
Eieth Beilby
Florince Beilby
Matilda Beilby
Eva Beilby
Martha Beilby
Catharine Beilby
Emmaline Beilby
Margt. Beilby
Bertha Beilby
Emly Beilby
M. Beilby
Lilly Beilby
Amma Beilby

Top occupations

Agricultural Lab
Ag Labourer
General Labourer
Ag Labs Wife
Straw Plaiter
Domestic Servant
Farmers Son
Labourer Gen
Weaver Worsted
Ag Lab
Housekeeper (Dom)
Fisherman Wife
Farm Lab
Errand Boy
Errand Boy Grocer
Farm Laborer
Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Hind
Farmer 134 Acres Employs 1 Lab
Farmer of 86 Acres
Farmer Of 500 Acres (Employ 8 Lab & 5 Boys)
Farmer Of 43 Acres
Farmer 24 Acres
Farmer Of 15 Acres
Chemist & Druggist Employing One Apprentice
Annuitant No Occupation
Bankers Clerk
Blacksmith & 4 Acres Of Land
Brass Finisher
Chaplain Worcester Union
Clerk Unemployed
Coachman (Domestic Serv)
Coal Dealer
Coal Miner
Corn Porter Labour
Domestic Serv