Beirne in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Beirne
Patrick Beirne
Francis Beirne
Michael Beirne
James Beirne
Edward Beirne
William Beirne
Thomas Beirne
Peter Beirne
M. Beirne
Joseph Beirne
Frank Beirne
Martin Beirne
Lawrence Beirne
Fred Beirne
Alexander Beirne
Timothy Beirne

Top female forenames

Mary Beirne
Margaret Beirne
Jane Beirne
Charlotte Beirne
L.M. Beirne
Kate Beirne
Hannah Beirne
Florence Beirne
Clara Beirne
Catherine Beirne
Ann Beirne
Winifred Beirne
L. Beirne
Franesina Beirne
Elizabeth Beirne
Anne Beirne
A. Beirne

Top occupations

General Labourer
Laborer At Alkali Works
(Asst Brew) Son
Laborer At Alkali Works (Chelsea Pensioner)
Labourers Wife
Officer Inland Rev Superann (C S Off)
Pawnbroker Employing 1 Man and 1 Boy
Police Constable
Rag Cutter at Paper Mill
Serv Cowman (Ag Indoor)
House Painter
House Maid
General Servant Domestic
(nd) Gardeners Labourer
(No Oc)
(Upholster) Shop Assistant
Brewer & Tallow Chandler
Brewer & Tallow Chandler Daughter
Brewer & Tallow Chandler Wife
Coach Body Maker
Coach Painter
Colliery Labourer
Egg Merchant (Provn Dealer)
Gardeners Labourer
Gas Fitter
General Farm Labourer (Indoor)