Beldon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Beldon
William Beldon
Charles Beldon
John Beldon
George Beldon
Harry Beldon
Tom Beldon
Joseph Beldon
Anthony Beldon
Albert Beldon
Robert Beldon
David Beldon
Alfred Beldon
Jas. Beldon
Stephen Beldon
Geo. Beldon
Samuel Beldon
Edward Beldon
Rd. Beldon
Jos. Beldon
Jesse Beldon
Wilbert Beldon
Hugh Beldon
Henry Beldon
Silvanus Beldon
Edwin Beldon
Arthur Beldon
Jonathan Beldon
Joe Beldon
Walter Beldon
Herbert Beldon
Thompson Beldon

Top female forenames

Mary Beldon
Sarah Beldon
Ann Beldon
Elizabeth Beldon
Jane Beldon
Frances Beldon
Ellen Beldon
Annie Beldon
Eliza Beldon
Emma Beldon
Maria Beldon
Alice Beldon
Edith Beldon
Lucy Beldon
Drothy Beldon
Laura Beldon
Arret Beldon
Agnes Beldon
Sibila Beldon
Nellie Beldon
Eleanor Beldon
Margaret Beldon
E.A. Beldon
Lilian Beldon
Charlotte Beldon
Jessie Beldon
Isabella Beldon
Sophia Beldon
Ethel Beldon
Emily Beldon
Nancy Beldon
Elizth. Beldon
Martha Beldon
Margt. Beldon

Top occupations

Cloth Finisher
Iron Works Lab
Farm Labourer
Stone Mason
Groom Servt
Grocers Daur
General Servt Domestic
General Servant
Foreman Engine Shop (Spinng Mac)
Fish Merchant
Iron Planer
Nat School Teacher
Let Lodgings
Laborer In Brickyard
Kitchen Maid Serv
Iron Wks Puddler
Iron Turner
Iron Screwer At Works
Farmer Of 14 Acres Of Land Employing 1 Man
Farmer 31 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Coal Miner
Boot Upper Manufacturer
Cloth Dyer
Cashier To Painter And Decorator
Woolsorter (Worsted Manuf) (Out Of Employment)
Attends House (Dom)
Articled Clerk (Law)
Commission Agent
Corporation Laborer (Hant)
Farm Servant
Farm Labourer (Indoor)
Farm 9 Acres
Engineers Clerk
Dk Lab
Dairy Maid
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Piecer