Bellow in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bellow
James Bellow
Thomas Bellow
William Bellow
George Bellow
Edward Bellow
Harry Bellow
Enoch Bellow
Donald Bellow
Wm. Bellow
Alexander Bellow
Norman Bellow
Henry Bellow
Amos Bellow
Ryall Bellow
Joseph Bellow
Jno.Alfred Bellow
Hugh Bellow

Top female forenames

Mary Bellow
Florence Bellow
Sarah Bellow
Emma Bellow
Ellen Bellow
Louisa Bellow
Clara Bellow
Johanna Bellow
Beatrice Bellow
Jane Bellow
Alice Bellow
Harriett Bellow
Ada Bellow
Hannah Bellow
Eveline Bellow
Roseina Bellow
Emily Bellow
Elizabeth Bellow
Lydia Bellow
Dinah Bellow
Julia Bellow
Bessie Bellow
Jessie Bellow
Annie Bellow
Isabella Bellow
Agnes Bellow
Harriet Bellow
Rebecca Bellow
Margaret Bellow
Edith Bellow

Top occupations

Farmer 40 Acres
No Occupation
Play Actor
Ironmonger Firm Of Mellows & Son Employing 9 Men And 5 Boys
Labourers Wife
Ladys Maid
Picture Frame Maker
M A Oxford Clerk In Ho Without Cure Of Souls Private Tutor
Magistrate For North Devon
Magistrate Wife
Medical Student
General Servant
General Domestic
Agricultural Laborer
Basket Maker
Builders Wife
Coachman Domestic
College Servt
Cook Domestic
Cotton Operative
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Engine Cleaner Fac Lab
Farm Laborer
Farmer 46 Acres
Farmers (Son)
Ag Lab Wife