Bence in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bence
George Bence
John Bence
Henry Bence
Thomas Bence
Charles Bence
Walter Bence
Edward Bence
Frederick Bence
James Bence
Joseph Bence
Alfred Bence
Richard Bence
Albert Bence
Arthur Bence
Geo. Bence
Edwin Bence
Robert Bence
Wm. Bence
Ernest Bence
Harry Bence
Frank Bence
Isaac Bence
Edmund Bence
Jonas Bence
Ambrose Bence
Fred Bence
Alfd. Bence
Job Bence
Francis Bence
Alexander Bence
Isac Bence
Samuel Bence
Abraham Bence
Hy.James Bence
Rt. Bence
Hubert Bence
Percy Bence
Edgar Bence
Harold Bence
Mary Bence
Annie Bence
Wilfred Bence
Thos. Bence
Alf. Bence
Soloman Bence
F. Bence
Samson Bence
Eli Bence
Aaron Bence

Top female forenames

Mary Bence
Sarah Bence
Elizabeth Bence
Jane Bence
Emma Bence
Ellen Bence
Alice Bence
Eliza Bence
Edith Bence
Maria Bence
Annie Bence
Ann Bence
Emily Bence
Hannah Bence
Ada Bence
Ethel Bence
Fanny Bence
Susan Bence
Lydia Bence
Lois Bence
Rachel Bence
Amelia Bence
Florence Bence
Agnes Bence
Martha Bence
Catherine Bence
Mabel Bence
Isaac Bence
Louisa Bence
Amy Bence
Frances Bence
Lettice Bence
Kate Bence
Charlotte Bence
Margaret Bence
Sophia Bence
Lousia Bence
Elza. Bence
Harriett Bence
Ruth Bence
Angelina Bence
Ella Bence
Lilly Bence
Norah Bence
Albert Bence
Leonora Bence
Maud Bence
Lavinia Bence
Clara Bence
Eunice Bence

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Stone Mason
Farm Labourer
Coal Miner
Spinner (Factory) (Cloth)
Domestic Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Owner Of Land Houses Ground Rent & Dividends
Farmers Daughter In Charge (Ag Lab)
Police Constable
General Labourer
Carpet Work (Factory)
General Servant
Errand Boy
Farmers Dau
Farmer & Grocer
Farm Servant
Farmer Of 20 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer (Small)
Dress Maker
Farmer 20 Acres Emply 1 Man
Drapers Assistant
Woollen Dyer
Barmaid (Bell Inn) (Inn Serv)
Barmaid (Inn Servt)
Bird Cage Maker
Blacksmith & Shopkeeper
Butcher Employing 1 Man
Carpenter & Joiner Agent For Royal London Friendly Society
Carpenter Unemployed
Chief Officer (Seaman) (Pater)
Clergyman Without Cure Of Souls
Coachman (Dom)
Colliery Clerk