Benion in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Benion
John Benion
Samuel Benion
Charles Benion
James Benion
William Benion
Owen Benion
Richard Benion
Arthur Benion
George Benion
Joseph Benion
David Benion
Aurther Benion
Alfred Benion
Lloyd Benion
Jonathan Benion
Henry Benion
Ernest Benion
Wm. Benion
Chas. Benion
Benjamin Benion
Herbert Benion
Willm. Benion

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Benion
Sarah Benion
Mary Benion
Harriet Benion
Alice Benion
Amy Benion
Eliza Benion
Annie Benion
Margaret Benion
Ann Benion
Lizzie Benion
Jane Benion
Fanny Benion
Eleanor Benion
Selina Benion
Catherine Benion
Roselia Benion
Anny Benion
Martha Benion
Anne Benion
Louis Benion
John Benion
Emila Benion
Susannah Benion
Edith Benion
Betsey Benion

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Gardeners Son
Domestic Servant
Solicitors Junior Clerk
Labourer In Iron Works
Maltster's Labourer
Gardeners Wife
No Occupation
Gardeners Daughter
Gardener Mkt
Gardener Domestic Servant
Gardener (Dom)
Gen Servant
General Serv (Domestic)
Iron Moulder
Hooker In Whouse (F Lab)
Hat Box Maker (Wood)
Grocer Assistant
Late House Keeper
Locomotive Fireman Railway
General Servant (Htl)
Footman Domestic
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 9 Acres
Butcher Assistant
Tool Maker
Boiler Maker
Asst Nurse
Appren to Engineer (EM)
Coach Painter
Coach Painters Wife
Cotton Porter
Farm Servant
Farm Labourer
Farm Labour
Farm Bailiff
Engine Driver
Domestic Cook
Dairy Maid (Ag )
Cratemaker (Carpenter)