Bennison in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bennison
John Bennison
Thomas Bennison
George Bennison
James Bennison
Joseph Bennison
Samuel Bennison
Robert Bennison
Henry Bennison
Richard Bennison
Benjamin Bennison
Charles Bennison
Philip Bennison
Alfred Bennison
Walter Bennison
David Bennison
Ernest Bennison
Frank Bennison
Leonard Bennison
Wilson Bennison
Arthur Bennison
Peter Bennison
Stephen Bennison
Albert Bennison
Shadrach Bennison
Geo. Bennison
Saml. Bennison
Frederick Bennison
Fred Bennison
Ralph Bennison
Wm. Bennison
Elias Bennison
Herbert Bennison
Allan Bennison
Oswald Bennison
Edwd.Arthur Bennison
Harry Bennison
Marmaduke Bennison
Wright Bennison
Earnist Bennison
Wm.Hy. Bennison
Josh. Bennison
Cristopher Bennison
Francis Bennison
Jonathan Bennison
Westoby Bennison
W.T.I. Bennison
Emanuel Bennison
Hy. Bennison
Tom Bennison

Top female forenames

Mary Bennison
Elizabeth Bennison
Sarah Bennison
Jane Bennison
Hannah Bennison
Ann Bennison
Margaret Bennison
Annie Bennison
Eliza Bennison
Alice Bennison
Ellen Bennison
Maria Bennison
Emma Bennison
Isabella Bennison
Emily Bennison
Lucy Bennison
Harriet Bennison
Frances Bennison
Martha Bennison
Esther Bennison
Harriett Bennison
Nancy Bennison
Fanny Bennison
Catherine Bennison
Florence Bennison
Margret Bennison
Bertha Bennison
Gertrude Bennison
Maud Bennison
Marther Bennison
Amelia Bennison
Julia Bennison
Charlotte Bennison
Rebecca Bennison
Bridget Bennison
Elizth. Bennison
Betsy Bennison
Beatrice Bennison
Susannah Bennison
Eleanor Bennison
Jours Bennison
S. Bennison
D. Bennison
Ada Bennison
Ethell Bennison
Jerrima Bennison
Rhoda Bennison
Cathrine Bennison
Maggie Bennison
J. Bennison

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Silk Weaver
Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Domestic Servant
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Cotton Weav
Felt Hat Finisher
Farmers Daur
Cotton Winder
Cotton Mill
Ironstone Miner
File Cutter
Felt Hat Trimmer
Ag Lab
Retired Farmer
Farmers Daughter
General Labourer
Coal Agent
Inn Keeper
Farmer Daughter
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 140 Acres (Employs 4 Men)
C Weaver
Cotton Frame Tenter
Errand Boy
General Servant Domestic
Farm Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Lodging House Keeper
Stone Mason
B Smith
Cotton Operative
Dress Maker
Quill Winder (Silk)
Costumier (Millinary)