Benns in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Benns
William Benns
Charles Benns
George Benns
Samuel Benns
Walter Benns
Arthur Benns
Robert Benns
James Benns
Edward Benns
Philip Benns
Isaac Benns
Daniel Benns
Herbert Benns
Benjamin Benns
Henry Benns
Phillip Benns
Ernest Benns
Harry Benns
Noah Benns
Denny Benns
Joseph Benns
Clement Benns
Thomas Benns
Ambrose Benns
Alfred Benns
Robt. Benns
Frederick Benns
Only Benns
Levia Benns
Christopher Benns
J. Benns
Cecil Benns
Stephen Benns
Allen Benns
Saml. Benns
G. Benns
Abraham Benns
Francis Benns
Edwd. Benns

Top female forenames

Mary Benns
Emma Benns
Louisa Benns
Sarah Benns
Hannah Benns
Elizabeth Benns
Alice Benns
Lydia Benns
Eliza Benns
Harriet Benns
Charlotte Benns
Frances Benns
Fanny Benns
Jane Benns
Emily Benns
Ann Benns
Gertrude Benns
Rose Benns
Lewis Benns
Laura Benns
Harriett Benns
Maria Benns
Caroline Benns
Beatrice Benns
Minnie Benns
Katie Benns
Ellen Benns
Martha Benns
Ada Benns
Susan Benns
Catherine Benns
Ruth Benns
Blanch Benns
Bessie Benns
Philip Benns
Annie Benns
Emilie Benns
Melvina Benns
Anna Benns
Kate Benns
Ella Benns
Maude Benns
Amelia Benns
Virtue Benns
Susanah Benns
Edith Benns
Sharlot Benns
Celia Benns
Mabel Benns
Gatrand Benns

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
No Occupation
Engine Driver
Laborer (Ag)
Bricklayers Laborer
Farm Labourer
Waterman Wife
Railway Porter
Waterman (B)
Corn Miller
Farm Bailiff
Farm Labourer Wife
Farmer Wife
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employg 5 Men & 32 Boys
Farmer Daur
Farmer 42 Acres Empl 1 Man
Farmer 42 Ac 2 Men
Farmer 200 Acres 5 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 12 Acres
Farmers Daughter
Farm Servant
Cabin Boy
Dom Serv Gardener
Brick Layer
Boot & Shoemaker
Booksellers Assistant
Boat Builders Wife
Boat Builder (Journey)
Barge Builder
Agricultural Labourer
Brick Layer Wife
Yardmans Wife
Cook Domestic Serv
Cook (N D)
Coach Trimmer
Cashier Refresment Coutr
Carpenters Wife
Carpenter (App)