Beringer in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Henry Beringer
George Beringer
Joseph Beringer
John Beringer
Hans Beringer
William Beringer
Francis Beringer
Stanley Beringer
Charles Beringer
Robert Beringer
Otto Beringer
Jacob Beringer
Heinrich Beringer
Guido Beringer
Frank Beringer
Victor Beringer
Fidelis Beringer
Samuel Beringer
Cecil Beringer
Richard Beringer
Oscar Beringer

Top female forenames

Mary Beringer
M. Beringer
Laura Beringer
Gsme Beringer
Elizabeth Beringer
Anna Beringer
Sarah Beringer
Lillie Beringer
Jane Beringer
Ellen Beringer
Christian Beringer
Amy Beringer
Mira Beringer

Top occupations

Watchmakers Daughter
Genl Labourer
Drapers Assistant
Watchmaker & Jeweller Wife
Watchmaker & Jeweller
Basket Maker
Chemists Apprentice
Professor Of Music
Marble Polisher (Mason)
Commission Merchant
Housekeeper (Dom)
Drapers Apprentice
Dress Maker
Artiste Musician