Berkeley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Charles Berkeley
George Berkeley
William Berkeley
Alfred Berkeley
Robert Berkeley
Richard Berkeley
Frederick Berkeley
John Berkeley
Henry Berkeley
Edmund Berkeley
Maurice Berkeley
Rowland Berkeley
Harry Berkeley
Francis Berkeley
Thomas Berkeley
Joseph Berkeley
James Berkeley
Augustus Berkeley
Thos. Berkeley
Edgar Berkeley
Stuart Berkeley
Shales Berkeley
Hubert Berkeley
Andrew Berkeley
S. Berkeley
Agustus Berkeley
Roland Berkeley
H.B.C. Berkeley
Phillip Berkeley
Oswald Berkeley
Christopher Berkeley
T.M. Berkeley
C. Berkeley
Sidney Berkeley
Humphrey Berkeley
Arthur Berkeley
Sackville Berkeley
Herbert Berkeley
Grenville Berkeley
R. Berkeley
Geo.A. Berkeley
Willm. Berkeley
Paul Berkeley
Walter Berkeley
Montague Berkeley

Top female forenames

Mary Berkeley
Emily Berkeley
Sarah Berkeley
Eleanor Berkeley
Ellen Berkeley
Alice Berkeley
Elizabeth Berkeley
Jane Berkeley
Marian Berkeley
Margaret Berkeley
Agnes Berkeley
Ann Berkeley
Frances Berkeley
Caroline Berkeley
Ethel Berkeley
Anna Berkeley
Eliza Berkeley
Jessie Berkeley
Isabella Berkeley
Clara Berkeley
Maud Berkeley
Lucy Berkeley
Susan Berkeley
Charlotte Berkeley
Evlyn Berkeley
Augustas Berkeley
M. Berkeley
Amelia Berkeley
Lillian Berkeley
Theresa Berkeley
Kate Berkeley
Cordelia Berkeley
Muriel Berkeley
Hannah Berkeley
Catherine Berkeley
Marie Berkeley
Florence Berkeley
Barbara Berkeley
Maria Berkeley
Eva Berkeley
Annie Berkeley
Madeline Berkeley
Emma Berkeley
Emilie Berkeley
Laura Berkeley
Julia Berkeley
Rose Berkeley
Constance Berkeley
Mildred Berkeley
Harriett Berkeley

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cook Son
House Keeper
House Painter
No Occupation
Bricklayers Lab
Wine Merchant
Annuitants Sister In Law
Farmer 137 Acres Emp 3 Men & 2 Boys B.A. Cambridge
Fireman Loco (Ry)
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 210 Acres
Engravers Traveller
Farm Serv Indoor
Farmer 23 Acres One Man
Formerley Farm Serv
Gen Serv
Gunner R A
Honourable By Title (Non)
Hosp Service
Houses & Interest Of Money
Income From Dividends
Dom Servant
Clerk Secy Financial Press
Clerk In Estate Agents Office
Clergyman Without Souls
Carters Lab
Captn H M 39th Regt
Wine Merchant Wife
Barrister At Law
Clerk Wine Trade
Coal Merchant & Farmer 35 Acres Emplying 2 Men & 1 Boy
Coal Miners Lab
Daily Governess
Curate Of Little Bury
Coopers Widow
Cook (Dom)
Comedian (Actor)
Com Of H M Customs