Bernasconi in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bernasconi
Geo. Bernasconi
Charles Bernasconi
Antonio Bernasconi
E.S. Bernasconi
Arthur Bernasconi
Walter Bernasconi
Antoni Bernasconi
Stephen Bernasconi
Achille Bernasconi
Percy Bernasconi
Leoni Bernasconi
Henry Bernasconi
Felix Bernasconi
William Bernasconi
Theodore Bernasconi
Anthony Bernasconi
Sidney Bernasconi
Paul Bernasconi
George Bernasconi
Frederick Bernasconi

Top female forenames

Sarah Bernasconi
Elizabeth Bernasconi
Harriet Bernasconi
Emily Bernasconi
Eliza Bernasconi
Caroline Bernasconi
Ann Bernasconi
Martha Bernasconi
Maria Bernasconi
Louisa Bernasconi
Florence Bernasconi
Cecilia Bernasconi
Anna Bernasconi
Mary Bernasconi
Marie Bernasconi
Lucy Bernasconi

Top occupations

(Com...) Correspondant
Packing Case Maker Employing 7 Men & 5 Boys
Painter Artist Draughtsman
Police Constable
Warehouseman Italian (Grocer)
Wholesale Food Dealer
Opticial Finisher
Optical Turner
Apprentice To Architect
Art Student
Artists Wife
Book Keeper To Father
Clock & Watch Maker
Coal Porter
Income From House & Land
Wife Of Tailor