Berney in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Berney
William Berney
Thomas Berney
Henry Berney
George Berney
James Berney
Edward Berney
Robert Berney
Fredk.Lee Berney
Walter Berney
Felix Berney
Robt.Bowman Berney
Richard Berney
Andrew Berney
Norman Berney
Alexander Berney
Moses Berney
Frederick Berney
Edwd. Berney
Atwood Berney
Patrick Berney
Algernon Berney
Nathaniel Berney
Michael Berney
Hartley Berney

Top female forenames

Mary Berney
Elizabeth Berney
Eliza Berney
Catherine Berney
Jane Berney
Sarah Berney
Martha Berney
Julia Berney
Emily Berney
Alice Berney
Margaret Berney
Caroline Berney
Kate Berney
Betsey Berney
Beatrice Berney
Emma Berney
Anne Berney
Ellen Berney
Ada Berney
Clara Berney
Minnie Berney
Cathrin Berney
Casandra Berney
Laura Berney
Bridget Berney
Bertha Berney
Frances Berney
Armanda Berney
Susanna Berney
Eleanor Berney
Philippa Berney
Charlotte Berney

Top occupations

Vest Maker
Bag Weaver
Labourer (Gen)
Law Student
J P O L Land Owner High Sheriff Of Norfolk
House & Land Owner
Nurse Serv
Ord Seaman
Wife Of Sheriff
Shopkeeper Provisions
Railway Clerk
Retired Surgeon
Rector Of Bracon Ash
Railway Inspector
General Porter
General Labourer
Bricksetters Laborer
Brass Finisher
Bookkeeper In Brewery
Beer Seller & Greengrocer Wife
Beer Seller & Greengrocer
Baronet Landowner Norfolk & Hants
Assist Schoolmistress
Architects Assistant
Architect & Surveyor
Chemical Wks Labour
Gas Labouer (Wks)
Forman Timber Yard
Domestic Servt Groom
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Dom Serv Nurse
Coal Miner
Clerk To East India Agent
AB Seaman