Bernhard in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bernhard
Godfrey Bernhard
Francis Bernhard
Frances Bernhard
Richard Bernhard
Edgar Bernhard
Paul Bernhard
Christian Bernhard
Louis Bernhard
Anton Bernhard
John Bernhard
Albert Bernhard
Isaac Bernhard
Henri Bernhard
Willie Bernhard
Rudolph Bernhard
Edward Bernhard
Reginald Bernhard
Dudley Bernhard
Otto Bernhard
Charles Bernhard
Kawrat Bernhard
Alphonse Bernhard
Jacob Bernhard
Henry Bernhard
H. Bernhard
William Bernhard

Top female forenames

Mary Bernhard
Elizabeth Bernhard
Sarah Bernhard
Gertrude Bernhard
Rosina Bernhard
Fredericka Bernhard
Emma Bernhard
Caroline Bernhard
Annie Bernhard
Magdalena Bernhard
Infant Bernhard
Eviline Bernhard
Emily Bernhard
Dorothy Bernhard
Carolina Bernhard
Marian Bernhard
M. Bernhard
Harriett Bernhard

Top occupations

Merchants Clerk
Nurse Sub ...
Retired Ship Broker
(R C Priests)
Sculon Mate Wife
Warehouse Assistant
Watchmakers Apprentice
Merchant In Cloth (Dlr)
Lady Help To Family
Baker & Confectioner
Bakers Assistant
Butler Domestic Servant
Clerk (Shipping)
Daur Of Clerk
Footman Domestic Servant
General Merchant
Hotel Clerk
Ladies Maid Dom Serv
Wife Of Clerk