Bertie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Bertie
Charles Bertie
Thomas Bertie
William Bertie
Robert Bertie
John Bertie
Edward Bertie
Montague Bertie
Joseph Bertie
Frederick Bertie
David Bertie
Victor Bertie
Archibald Bertie
Richard Bertie
Albert Bertie
Emile Bertie
Vera Bertie
Ben Bertie
Alex. Bertie
Moutague Bertie
Laurence Bertie
Henry Bertie
Francis Bertie

Top female forenames

Mary Bertie
Jane Bertie
Sarah Bertie
Alice Bertie
Emma Bertie
Fanny Bertie
Eliza Bertie
Ann Bertie
Rose Bertie
Florence Bertie
Elizabeth Bertie
Clara Bertie
Susannah Bertie
Henrietta Bertie
Cecelia Bertie
Hannah Bertie
George Bertie
Agnes Bertie
Marian Bertie
Feodorowna Bertie
Margaret Bertie
Felicia Bertie
Louisa Bertie
Evelyn Bertie
Kathleen Bertie
Hester Bertie
Christina Bertie
Sophie Bertie
Harriet Bertie
Georgina Bertie
Agness Bertie
Martha Bertie
Margt. Bertie
Felicite Bertie
Lucy Bertie
Lillian Bertie
Eveling Bertie
Kate Bertie
Isabella Bertie

Top occupations

Wrapper Up In Warehouse
Lady Eveling Bertie
Mechanics Boy
Mantle Cutter
Machinist Boot
Machine Fitter (Spg)
Linen Weaver (Steam) (Power Loom)
Land Owner
Lady Mary Bertie
Law Student
Solicitors Clerk (Unemployed)
Solicitors Articled Clk (Law)
Silver Burnisher
School Mistress
Merchants Clerk
Rigger & Stevedore
Police Constable
Lady Elizabeth Bertie
Lace Mender
Lace Manufr
Earl Of Lindsey (Regulator)
Dress Maker
Countess Of Lindsey
Clerk Sewing Machine Trade
Clerk In Foreign Office
Capt Half Pay Bengal
Capt & Leaut Colonel (Coldstream Guards)
Cabinet Maker
Bricklayers Lab Wife
Gardener Dom Serv
General Labourer
Lace Draughtsman
Lace Designer
Labourer In Ship Yard
In H.M.S.Customs Service
Husband At Sea
House Keeper
Honble And Rev Dcl Without Care Of Souls Fellow Of All Saints College Oxford
Hon And Late 47 Regt