Bessent in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bessent
George Bessent
Frank Bessent
Charles Bessent
Thomas Bessent
Alfred Bessent
James Bessent
Robert Bessent
John Bessent
Victor Bessent
Edwin Bessent
Stephen Bessent
Samuel Bessent
Noah Bessent
Joseph Bessent
Ernest Bessent
Tom Bessent
Edward Bessent
Sydney Bessent
Bertie Bessent
Sidney Bessent
Luke Bessent
Herbert Bessent

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bessent
Ellen Bessent
Mary Bessent
Harriet Bessent
Edith Bessent
Annie Bessent
Jeannett Bessent
Eleanor Bessent
Anne Bessent
Jane Bessent
Rose Bessent
Emma Bessent
Ann Bessent
Harriett Bessent
Amey Bessent
Sarah Bessent
Hannah Bessent
Agnes Bessent
Minnie Bessent
Emey Bessent
Maria Bessent
Lilly Bessent
Clara Bessent
Laura Bessent
Beatrice Bessent
Kate Bessent
Amy Bessent
Susan Bessent
Amelia Bessent
Matilda Bessent
Martha Bessent
Eliza Bessent
Lucy Bessent
Laurate Bessent
Caroline Bessent
Kathrine Bessent

Top occupations

Ag Labr
General Labourer
Market Gardener
Timber Merchant
No Occupation
No Occ
Needle Woman
Land Agents Assistant (House)
Paper Maker
Paper Makers Widow
Stationer's Assistant
Sister To Gardener
Sergeant Instructor To 3rd Monmouthshire Rifle Volunteers
Seaman 1st Class Boy R N
Plough Boy
Plain Worker
Laborer In Docks
Agricultural Labourer
Curtain Cleaner (Dye Undef)
Cook Domestic Servant
Clerk In Timber Merchants Office
Boiler Maker
Apprentice To A Timber Merchant
Agent For Sale Of Books
Ag Lab
Able Seaman
Domestic Serv
Engine Driver Unemployed
House Keeper (Dom)
Genl Serv
Genl Labr Out Of Employ
General Serv Domestic
General Labour
Gen Lab
Gardener Laborer
Farm Laborer
2nd Capt Fcle