Bettes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bettes
Richard Bettes
James Bettes
Tom Bettes
Henry Bettes
Edward Bettes
Albert Bettes
William Bettes
Robert Bettes
Joseph Bettes
George Bettes
Charles Bettes

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bettes
Mary Bettes
Emily Bettes
Jane Bettes
Emma Bettes
Clara Bettes
Charlott Bettes
Ann Bettes
Theresa Bettes
Sarah Bettes
Eva Bettes
Eliza Bettes
Charlotte Bettes
Annie Bettes
Tamson Bettes
Rebecca Bettes

Top occupations

A B Seaman
Shopman (Boot)
Pastry Cook
Labourer Gas Works
Independant Minister Of Hallgate Chapel
General Labourer
Gardener (Dom)
Formerly Silk Winder
Farmer Wife
Farmer (Of 7 Acres)
Tailors Wife