Bettison in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bettison
John Bettison
George Bettison
Henry Bettison
Thomas Bettison
Albert Bettison
Charles Bettison
Samuel Bettison
Joseph Bettison
Robert Bettison
Richard Bettison
Edward Bettison
Herbert Bettison
Arthur Bettison
Alfred Bettison
Ernest Bettison
Tom Bettison
Anthony Bettison
Jonathan Bettison
Elias Bettison
Frank Bettison
James Bettison
Thos. Bettison
Erwin Bettison
Willm.J. Bettison
Jas.M. Bettison
Thos.S. Bettison
Isaac Bettison
Bertram Bettison
Griffen Bettison
Philip Bettison
Fredrick Bettison
Andrew Bettison
Nathaniel Bettison
Lewis Bettison
Fancis Bettison
Wm. Bettison
Jonathn. Bettison
Willie Bettison
Edwin Bettison
Earnist Bettison
Cecil Bettison
Harold Bettison
Ashton Bettison
Nimrod Bettison
Frederick Bettison
Allen Bettison
Luke Bettison
Francis Bettison
Youbert Bettison

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bettison
Mary Bettison
Sarah Bettison
Ann Bettison
Jane Bettison
Annie Bettison
Eliza Bettison
Emily Bettison
Martha Bettison
Harriet Bettison
Louisa Bettison
Jessie Bettison
Ellen Bettison
Margaret Bettison
Ada Bettison
Clara Bettison
Anne Bettison
Maria Bettison
Lydia Bettison
Frances Bettison
Bessie Bettison
Sophia Bettison
Hannah Bettison
Lucy Bettison
Emma Bettison
Elizh.M. Bettison
Elenor Bettison
Grace Bettison
Charlotte Bettison
Gilly Bettison
Catherine Bettison
Linda Bettison
Leah Bettison
Fanny Bettison
Kate Bettison
Anna Bettison
Nellie Bettison
Amy Bettison
Ida Bettison
Alice Bettison
Harriett Bettison
Elise Bettison
Girtrude Bettison
Cecilia Bettison
Lora Bettison
Gertrude Bettison
Caroline Bettison
Lily Bettison
Florance Bettison
Susan Bettison

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Clay Laborer
Cotton Mill Hand
Coal Miner Empd
General Laborer
General Servant
Cabinet Maker
Wire Drawer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Assistant Salesman
Domestic Work
Curate Of Otterburn
Colliery Labourer
Driver R A
Domestic Serv
Cook (Domestic)
Corn Meter & Weigher
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Cotton Spinner
Cr Sergeant In The Army
Curate Of Berwick Bassett & W M
Captn Qr Deck
Agricultural Labourer
Blacksmith Apprentice
Blacksmiths Wife
Brewery Clerk Unemployed
Bricklayer & Shopkeeper
Cap Maker
Char Woman
Chief Engineer
Clay Labr
Coach Smith
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman (Dom) Wife
Coal Hewer (Mine Serv)