Bettle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bettle
Thomas Bettle
Joseph Bettle
John Bettle
Frederick Bettle
Henry Bettle
James Bettle
George Bettle
Edward Bettle
Charles Bettle
Sidney Bettle
Crick Bettle
Stephen Bettle
Samuel Bettle
Owen Bettle
Arthur Bettle
Ernest Bettle
Phillip Bettle
Benjamin Bettle
Alfred Bettle
Jeffery Bettle
Howard Bettle
Harold Bettle
Fredk. Bettle
Tom Bettle
Frank Bettle

Top female forenames

Mary Bettle
Louisa Bettle
Elizabeth Bettle
Sarah Bettle
Annie Bettle
Betsy Bettle
Clara Bettle
Harriet Bettle
Emma Bettle
Harriett Bettle
Ann Bettle
Alice Bettle
Emily Bettle
Ada Bettle
Caroline Bettle
Florence Bettle
Anna Bettle
Rosa Bettle
Fanny Bettle
Amy Bettle
Agnes Bettle
Margaret Bettle
Ellen Bettle
Lilly Bettle
Dorothy Bettle
Wm. Bettle
Charlotte Bettle
Susan Bettle
Hannah Bettle
Frances Bettle
Anne Bettle
Ruth Bettle
Flora Bettle
Rebecca Bettle
Ethel Bettle
Maria Bettle
Mabel Bettle
Elizth. Bettle
Lilymay Bettle
Eliza Bettle
Laura Bettle
Susanna Bettle
Selina Bettle
Grace Bettle
Sara Bettle

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Lace Maker
Vest Maker
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Maid Servant
Machinist (H & W)
Ladys Maid (Domestic)
Ladies Maid (Domestic Servt)
Lace Maker (Pillow)
Formerly Schoolmistress
Laborer Genl
Man Servant
Millers Lab (Corn)
Shirt Finisher (Mfr)
Retired Grocer
Practical Watch & Clock Maker
Police Constable
Parlour Maid
No Occ Formerly Labourer
Laborer (Genl) Unemployed
Laborer (Genl)
Errand Boy
Engine Fitters Machinist
Chemist & Druggist
Congregational Minister
Commercial Traveller (Wine Trade)
Commercial Clerk
Wife Of Above
Fancy Stationer & Toys
Farm Lab
Iron Worker
Grocers Wife
Grocers Assistant
Grocer Shopkeeper
Ginger Beer Trader
General Serv
Gen Laborer
Farmer 40 Acres Land
Farm Lab (Indoor)