Bettley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Bettley
John Bettley
Joseph Bettley
George Bettley
William Bettley
Richard Bettley
Edward Bettley
James Bettley
Stephen Bettley
Walter Bettley
Harry Bettley
Henry Bettley
Rupert Bettley
Bezalub Bettley
Phillip Bettley
Alexander Bettley
Abraham Bettley
Jas. Bettley
Wm. Bettley
Herbert Bettley
Thos. Bettley
Fred Bettley
Theopholas Bettley
Edwin Bettley
Samuel Bettley
Charles Bettley
Alfred Bettley
Albert Bettley
Jesse Bettley
Tom Bettley
Frank Bettley

Top female forenames

Sarah Bettley
Elizabeth Bettley
Mary Bettley
Jane Bettley
Eliza Bettley
Emma Bettley
Ann Bettley
Clara Bettley
Ellen Bettley
Charlotte Bettley
Emily Bettley
Martha Bettley
Mabel Bettley
Arthur Bettley
Kate Bettley
Amy Bettley
Agnes Bettley
Hanah Bettley
Victoria Bettley
Edith Bettley
Maria Bettley
Louisa Bettley
Jessie Bettley
Alice Bettley
Helena Bettley
Eva Bettley
Selina Bettley
Elizth. Bettley
Nita Bettley

Top occupations

Shoe Riveter
Furnace Man
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Domestic Servant
Mantle Maker
Housemaid Formerley
Goods Guard (Ry)
Glass Cutter
General Servt
General Servant
Gen Servt Domestic
Gen Lab
Yarn Maker Up (C M)
Husband At Sea
Iron Bolt Maker
Joiners Labourer
Labourers Wife
Labourer Ironworks
Labourer Iron Works
Labourer Iron Work
Labourer Garden
Labourer (On Farm)
Lab Wife
Licensed Victualler
Coal Miner
Coachman Dom
Boot Fitter
Cab Driver
Bricklayers Labourer
Cook Unemployed (Dom)
Boot Binder
Boiler Maker
Farmers Servant (Indoor)
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employing 5 Labourers & 2 Boys
Agricultural Lebourer
Errand Boy Scholar
Errand Boy
Dress Maker