Betton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Betton
William Betton
George Betton
Thomas Betton
James Betton
Richard Betton
Alfred Betton
Arthur Betton
Charles Betton
Reynold Betton
Edward Betton
Harry Betton
Henry Betton
Albert Betton
Samuel Betton
Frederick Betton
Philip Betton
Elijah Betton
Joseph Betton
Isaac Betton
Emmanuel Betton
Nathaniel Betton
Berty Betton
Jonathan Betton
Barty Betton
Andrew Betton
Walker Betton
Hugh Betton
Alexander Betton
Smith Betton
Enoch Betton
Phillip Betton
Noah Betton
Bashforth Betton
Walter Betton
Thos. Betton
Stanier Betton
Halard Betton

Top female forenames

Mary Betton
Sarah Betton
Eliza Betton
Jane Betton
Elizabeth Betton
Martha Betton
Ann Betton
Kate Betton
Ruth Betton
Maria Betton
Anne Betton
Emily Betton
Margaret Betton
Joyce Betton
Annie Betton
Emma Betton
Ellen Betton
Lucy Betton
Caroline Betton
Hannah Betton
Matilda Betton
Drusilla Betton
Louisa Betton
Christian Betton
Susan Betton
Catherine Betton
Rebecca Betton
Harriet Betton
Miriam Betton
Florence Betton
May Betton
Dinah Betton
Lizzie Betton
Celia Betton
Julia Betton
Roseina Betton
Naomi Betton
Ada Betton
Mirah Betton
Fanny Betton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Lead Miner
Farm Labourer
Farmers Wife
Cigar Maker
No Employment
Engine Fitter
Dock Labor
Ag Lab
(T) Governess
Errand Boy
Wife Of The Above
Farm Servant Unemployed
Clerk At Factory
Farmer (Of 100 Acres)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer Of 170 Acres Employing 1 Lab 1 Boy
Grocers Apprentice
Gentleman Farmer J P For Salop
General Serv Domestic Out Of Employ
General Labour
General Domestic Servant
Fret Lead Glazier
Gl Domc Servant
Farmers Son
Gentleman Farmer Wife
Engine Driver
Carpenter And Joiner
Burner In Brickyard
Brickfield Labourer
Brass Molder
Box Maker
Artist In Oils & Water Colors
Clergymans Widow
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv (General)
Boiler Riveter (Unemployed)
Diamond Polisher
Coal Travler Com Wife
Coal Travler Com