Bickers in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bickers
John Bickers
James Bickers
Thomas Bickers
Robert Bickers
Henry Bickers
George Bickers
Samuel Bickers
Charles Bickers
Alfred Bickers
Arthur Bickers
Frederick Bickers
Edward Bickers
Edgar Bickers
Richard Bickers
Ambrose Bickers
Joseph Bickers
Herbert Bickers
Harry Bickers
Bernard Bickers
Stanley Bickers
Amos Bickers
Robt. Bickers
Geo.Henry Bickers
Fredk. Bickers
Albert Bickers
Nemiah Bickers
Esau Bickers
Louis Bickers
Enoch Bickers
Willm. Bickers
Elijah Bickers
Wilfred Bickers
Edger Bickers
Valentine Bickers
Harland Bickers
Geo.Sidney Bickers
Fredk.C. Bickers
Alexander Bickers
Oswald Bickers
Mathias Bickers
Ernest Bickers
Emmanuel Bickers
Jesse Bickers
Walter Bickers
Thos. Bickers

Top female forenames

Mary Bickers
Elizabeth Bickers
Sarah Bickers
Annie Bickers
Alice Bickers
Emma Bickers
Ellen Bickers
Charlotte Bickers
Ann Bickers
Jane Bickers
Emily Bickers
Beatrice Bickers
Hannah Bickers
Rebecca Bickers
Eliza Bickers
Susan Bickers
Anne Bickers
Maria Bickers
Frances Bickers
Kate Bickers
Rachel Bickers
Edith Bickers
Margaret Bickers
Gertrude Bickers
Ada Bickers
Florence Bickers
Clara Bickers
Jemima Bickers
Eva Bickers
Pamela Bickers
Harriett Bickers
Susannah Bickers
Elena Bickers
Amy Bickers
E.E. Bickers
Mable Bickers
Agnes Bickers
Dorethy Bickers
Abigail Bickers
Fanny Bickers
Janette Bickers
Ethel Bickers
Olive Bickers
Celia Bickers
Isabel Bickers
Mitalda Bickers
Caroline Bickers
Henritta Bickers
Elizth.M. Bickers
Matilda Bickers

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Farmers Son
General Labourer
Clog Iron Maker
Linen Draper & Silk Mercer
Cabinet Maker
House Assistant
House Painter
Furnace Fac Labourer
Dom Serv
Agr Lab
Fustian Cutter
Interest On Land And House
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 268 Emp 1 Man And 2 Boys
Dress Maker
Farmer Of 194 Acrs
Farmer Bailiff
Engine Driver
Farm Labourer
Farmer 45 Acres
Bank Cashier
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Cab Proprietor
Woollen Weaver
Blacksmith Master Emply 1 Man
Blacksmiths Laborer
Blk Wife
Boat Labourer
Bootmaker Employing 1 Man
Cabinet Mker
Carver & Gilder
Coal Merchant
Coal Porter
Confectioner Assistants And Apprenstress Employing
Corn Miller