Bickett in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bickett
George Bickett
William Bickett
James Bickett
Joseph Bickett
Charles Bickett
Arthur Bickett
Edward Bickett
Thomas Bickett
Alfred Bickett
Robert Bickett
Harry Bickett
Frederick Bickett
Edwin Bickett
Wm. Bickett
Thos. Bickett
Sidney Bickett
Reginald Bickett
Hugh Bickett
Elizabeth Bickett
Benjamin Bickett

Top female forenames

Mary Bickett
Elizabeth Bickett
Sarah Bickett
Annie Bickett
Margaret Bickett
Edith Bickett
Jane Bickett
Harriett Bickett
Ethel Bickett
Charlotte Bickett
Maud Bickett
Alice Bickett
Livinia Bickett
Isabella Bickett
Gertrude Bickett
Esther Bickett
Eleanor Bickett
Constance Bickett
Catharine Bickett
Ann Bickett
Mabel Bickett
Agnes Bickett

Top occupations

Laborer At Iron Works
Maltster And Brewer
Marriners Daur
Marriners Wife
Needle Woman
Nurse Domestic
Police Constable
Printer Compositor
Private 52 Foot
Retired Tailor
Rway Clerk
Sugar Works (Labourer)
Iron Turner
Innkeeper Maltster Brewer And Grocer
Assistant To Dressmaker
Basket Maker
Coal Porter
Cotton Weaver
Dock Labourer
Drapers Assistant
Engine Man (Driver)
Farm Labr
Farmer Of 273 Acres 10 M 3 Boys
Farmers Wife
Gardener (Dom)
General Laborer
Housemaid (HS)
Agr Lab