Bickmore in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bickmore
Edward Bickmore
George Bickmore
Frederick Bickmore
Charles Bickmore
James Bickmore
Henry Bickmore
Thomas Bickmore
John Bickmore
Alfred Bickmore
Albert Bickmore
Richard Bickmore
Francis Bickmore
Robert Bickmore
Peter Bickmore
Claude Bickmore
Herbert Bickmore
Benjamin Bickmore
Walter Bickmore
Stephen Bickmore
Arthur Bickmore
Victor Bickmore
Edwin Bickmore
Edw. Bickmore
Wm. Bickmore
Harry Bickmore
Thos.L. Bickmore
Gardner Bickmore
Fred Bickmore
Saml. Bickmore
Ernest Bickmore
Robt.M. Bickmore
Edgar Bickmore
Otho Bickmore
Chas. Bickmore
Wm.G. Bickmore
Bertie Bickmore
Alexander Bickmore
Sidney Bickmore
Robt.Spencer Bickmore

Top female forenames

Mary Bickmore
Elizabeth Bickmore
Ellen Bickmore
Eliza Bickmore
Sarah Bickmore
Louisa Bickmore
Caroline Bickmore
Florence Bickmore
Emily Bickmore
Martha Bickmore
Charlotte Bickmore
Hannah Bickmore
Maria Bickmore
Ann Bickmore
Alice Bickmore
Margaret Bickmore
Johannah Bickmore
Edith Bickmore
Rosa Bickmore
Jane Bickmore
Phoebe Bickmore
Hetty Bickmore
Minnie Bickmore
Anne Bickmore
Amelia Bickmore
Eva Bickmore
Ada Bickmore
Lucy Bickmore
Susannah Bickmore
Lillie Bickmore
Selina Bickmore
Julia Bickmore
Eleanor Bickmore
Rose Bickmore
Janey Bickmore
Constance Bickmore
Rachel Bickmore
Isabella Bickmore
Catherine Bickmore
Peter Bickmore
Henrietta Bickmore
Annie Bickmore
Maryan Bickmore
Gertrude Bickmore
Fanny Bickmore
Emma Bickmore
Theresa Bickmore
Susananah Bickmore
Kate Bickmore

Top occupations

Undergraduate Oxford
Farm Labourer
Clergymans Daur
Agricultural Labourer
Errand Boy
Engine Fitters Wife
Engine Fitter At Works
Engine Driver
Writer R S A Factory (Clk)
General Labourer
Clerk Cotton Mill
Factory Operative (Ind Rubber)
Farmers Wife
Farmers Widow
Farmer Of 240 Acres Employing 12 Men & 4 Boys
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employ 8 Men 2 Boys
Farm Labourer Wife
Footman Domestic
Gardeners Wife
Farm Laborer
Copyist (Clerk) (Unemployed)
Cabinet Maker (Ap)
Artificial Flower Stamper
British Museum Attendant C S Mess
Bread & Biscuit Maker
Bankers Clerk
Assistant Tutor (Schoolmaster)
Apprentice Clerk Timber Merchant
Clergymans Wife
Coachman & Groom
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic
Cook & Housekeeper Domestic
Companion (Son)
Commission Agent Trimmings
Commercial Clerk Iron Manuf
Color Sergeant
Coachman (ND)