Biddick in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Biddick
George Biddick
John Biddick
Thomas Biddick
Charles Biddick
James Biddick
Albert Biddick
Josiah Biddick
Arthur Biddick
Hugh Biddick
Samuel Biddick
Hart Biddick
Edmund Biddick
Tom Biddick
Frederick Biddick
Edgar Biddick
Joseph Biddick
W.J. Biddick
Herbert Biddick
Richard Biddick
Octaves Biddick
Mork Biddick
Ernest Biddick
Mark Biddick
Wm. Biddick
Claude Biddick
Walter Biddick
Jonathan Biddick
C.S. Biddick
Alfred Biddick
Stewart Biddick
Horace Biddick
Albany Biddick
Sam'l Biddick
Hedley Biddick
Peter Biddick
Harold Biddick
Nicholas Biddick
Matthew Biddick
Elias Biddick
Luke Biddick

Top female forenames

Mary Biddick
Elizabeth Biddick
Jane Biddick
Fanny Biddick
Ellen Biddick
Sarah Biddick
Annie Biddick
Ann Biddick
Edith Biddick
Cordelia Biddick
Louisa Biddick
Susan Biddick
Catherine Biddick
Emma Biddick
Eliza Biddick
Maria Biddick
C.R. Biddick
Lilly Biddick
Ethel Biddick
Anna Biddick
Laurenza Biddick
Emily Biddick
Tryphosa Biddick
Amelia Biddick
L.W. Biddick
Joanna Biddick
Eleanor Biddick
Richard Biddick
E.W.M. Biddick
Nellie Biddick
Hannah Biddick
Dorcas Biddick
Martha Biddick
G.B. Biddick
Clara Biddick
Margret Biddick
Florence Biddick
Linda Biddick
Evalinnie Biddick
Leney Biddick
Laura Biddick
Thurza Biddick
Alice Biddick
Julia Biddick
Jennet Biddick
Norah Biddick
Harriot Biddick
E.J. Biddick
Grace Biddick
Frances Biddick

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Retired Farmer
Tin Miner
Tin Mineress
Ag Labs Son
Blacksmith Ironworks
Farmers Daur
Farmers Wife
Ag Lab
Ag Labs Wife
Farmer of 240 Acres Employing 3 Men And 2 Boys
Farmer Of 90 Acres Employing 2 Men
Miller & Corn Factor (Dlr)
General Labourer
General Servant (Dom)
Groom (D)
House Keeper
Mariners Wife
Manager (MK Of Bricks)
Licensed Victualler
Wesleyan School Assistant
Farmer (120 Ac) Employing 4 Men & 1 Boy
Carrier & Quarryman
Builder And Joiner
Agricultural Labourer
Assists In Dairywork
Assistant Officer H M Customs (C S)
Assist Engineer
Civil Engineer
Coast Guard
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Labourer
Engine Fitter
Draper & Grocer
Domestic Servant Nurse