Bigby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bigby
William Bigby
George Bigby
Thomas Bigby
James Bigby
Robert Bigby
Herman Bigby
Harman Bigby
Charles Bigby
Albert Bigby
Walter Bigby
Louis Bigby
Henry Bigby
Arthur Bigby
Tom Bigby

Top female forenames

Emma Bigby
Sarah Bigby
Esther Bigby
Emily Bigby
Eliza Bigby
Ann Bigby
Mary Bigby
Jane Bigby
Alice Bigby
Ada Bigby
Selina Bigby
Maria Bigby
Alberta Bigby
A.Grace Bigby
Ellen Bigby
Edith Bigby
Rosetta Bigby

Top occupations

Binder Bookcase Maker (Machinist)
Grocer & Baker Journeyman
Lodging Housekeeper
Machinist (Seam)
Masons Labr
None Pauper
Piecer Of Small Arms (Gunsmith G S 6)
Telegraph Labourer (Appon Mkr)
General Sert Domestic
General Agent
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Cattle Salesman
Cattle Salesman Son No Occ
Cattle Salesmans Wife
Coss... (Confec)
Engine Fitter & Turner
Warehouseman (Silk)