Biggerstaff in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Biggerstaff
Henry Biggerstaff
John Biggerstaff
Joseph Biggerstaff
William Biggerstaff
Frederick Biggerstaff
Mark Biggerstaff
Edward Biggerstaff
David Biggerstaff
Thomas Biggerstaff
Ernest Biggerstaff
Charles Biggerstaff
Harry Biggerstaff
James Biggerstaff
Alfred Biggerstaff
Tom Biggerstaff
Frank Biggerstaff
Oliver Biggerstaff
Lot Biggerstaff
Jabez Biggerstaff
Arthur Biggerstaff
Herbert Biggerstaff
Albert Biggerstaff
Timothy Biggerstaff
Samuel Biggerstaff
Francis Biggerstaff
Edwin Biggerstaff
Leonard Biggerstaff
Dennis Biggerstaff
Jonathan Biggerstaff
Daniel Biggerstaff
Bernard Biggerstaff
Isaac Biggerstaff

Top female forenames

Mary Biggerstaff
Elizabeth Biggerstaff
Louisa Biggerstaff
Eliza Biggerstaff
Sarah Biggerstaff
Jane Biggerstaff
Annie Biggerstaff
Emma Biggerstaff
Maria Biggerstaff
Ann Biggerstaff
Charlotte Biggerstaff
Rose Biggerstaff
Alice Biggerstaff
Lucy Biggerstaff
Clara Biggerstaff
Ruth Biggerstaff
Anne Biggerstaff
Ellen Biggerstaff
Susan Biggerstaff
Lily Biggerstaff
E.M. Biggerstaff
Katie Biggerstaff
Julia Biggerstaff
Rebecca Biggerstaff
Harriet Biggerstaff
Maurine Biggerstaff
Florance Biggerstaff
Amelia Biggerstaff
Maryann Biggerstaff
Eth Biggerstaff
Marie Biggerstaff
A.B. Biggerstaff
Viney Biggerstaff
Lizzie Biggerstaff
Edith Biggerstaff
Selina Biggerstaff
Laura Biggerstaff
Kate Biggerstaff
Catherine Biggerstaff
Rosa Biggerstaff
Peamler Biggerstaff
Gertrude Biggerstaff
Amy Biggerstaff
Maude Biggerstaff
Fanny Biggerstaff
Amanda Biggerstaff
Esther Biggerstaff
Ada Biggerstaff

Top occupations

Straw Plaiter
Agt Lab
Farm Labourer Ploughman
Labourer General
General Lab
Ag Lab
Labourer Paper Mill
Farmers Boy (Ag Lab)
Agl Lab
Malsters Labr Unemployed
General Servant
Genl Labr
Genrl Lab
Genrl Labr
Kitchenmaid (Dom)
Kitchenmaid Domestic
Laborer To Engine Fitter
No Occupation
Labourer Ag
Railway Porter
Railway Laborer
Labourer Saw Mills
General Lab Wife
Gardener ND
Wool Cleaner At Factory
Carpenter Jnm Or Jun
Annuitant (Ag Labs Widow)
Agtl Labr
Agtl Lab
Agricultl Labourer
Ag. Lab.
Custodian At Theatre
Domestic Servant
Ganger G W Railway Labourer
Feeder To Weaver (Cloth)
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 60 Acres Employing 2 Men
Farm Servant
Farm Labr
Farm Labourer Plough Boy