Biglin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Biglin
John Biglin
Robert Biglin
William Biglin
Thomas Biglin
Walter Biglin
Edward Biglin
Arthur Biglin
James Biglin
Charles Biglin
Benj. Biglin
Richard Biglin
Alfred Biglin
Joseph Biglin
Jane Biglin
Godfrey Biglin
Thos. Biglin
Charlie Biglin
Sidney Biglin
Benjamin Biglin
Peter Biglin
Gylby Biglin
Frank Biglin
Tom Biglin
Cornelius Biglin
Robt. Biglin

Top female forenames

Mary Biglin
Jane Biglin
Amelia Biglin
Sarah Biglin
Elizth. Biglin
Anne Biglin
Rose Biglin
Edith Biglin
Ann Biglin
Helena Biglin
Hannah Biglin
Ada Biglin
Eva Biglin
Rhoda Biglin
Esther Biglin
Lucy Biglin
Eleanor Biglin
Laura Biglin
Clara Biglin
Janet Biglin
Isabella Biglin
Amy Biglin
Harriet Biglin
Agatha Biglin
Florence Biglin
Etty Biglin
Miriam Biglin
Emily Biglin
Maria Biglin
Elizabeth Biglin
Louisa Biglin
Julia Biglin
Betsy Biglin

Top occupations

House Keeper
Far Son
Errand Boy
Housemaid (Domestic Serv)
Housemaid (Dom)
House Maid
Letter Carrier CS
Machinist (Ag) (Attendent)
Railway Signalman
Scene Painter (Artist)
Shop Keepers Assistant Baker
Wharf Clerk
Wife Divers Assistant
Ag Lab
Hackney Car Man
Grocer & Ag Lab
Apprentice To Confectioner
Cab Driver
Carrier & Cartman (Ag Lab)
Copper Smith
Divers Assistant
Dom Servant
Domestic Servant
Farm Serv Indr
Farmer 145 Ac Emp 2 Men
Farmer 200 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer Of 126 Acres
General Labourer
General Servt
Wife Of Above