Bilson in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bilson
William Bilson
George Bilson
Henry Bilson
Thomas Bilson
Arthur Bilson
James Bilson
Joseph Bilson
Francis Bilson
Robert Bilson
Walter Bilson
Frederick Bilson
Edward Bilson
Charles Bilson
Albert Bilson
Samuel Bilson
Benjamin Bilson
Willm. Bilson
Alfred Bilson
Tom Bilson
Frederic Bilson
Josh. Bilson
Bernal Bilson
Wm.Clark Bilson
Alfd.J. Bilson
Thos. Bilson
Albt. Bilson
Sidney Bilson
Aaron Bilson
Earnest Bilson
Josh.H. Bilson
David Bilson
Wm.Fuller Bilson
Jem Bilson
Benjn. Bilson
Wm. Bilson
Horatio Bilson
Alfd.Jno. Bilson
Alexander Bilson
Eliza Bilson
Edmund Bilson
Richard Bilson
Douglas Bilson
Chas. Bilson
Wm.Thos. Bilson

Top female forenames

Mary Bilson
Sarah Bilson
Elizabeth Bilson
Emma Bilson
Eliza Bilson
Ellen Bilson
Jane Bilson
Hannah Bilson
Ann Bilson
Charlotte Bilson
Caroline Bilson
Annie Bilson
Harriett Bilson
Edith Bilson
Louisa Bilson
Emily Bilson
Lucy Bilson
Clara Bilson
Lizzie Bilson
Beatrice Bilson
Maria Bilson
Esther Bilson
Kate Bilson
Elizth. Bilson
Harriet Bilson
Amy Bilson
Catherine Bilson
Carol.A. Bilson
Joyce Bilson
Elizth.A. Bilson
Rose Bilson
Elizth Bilson
Anne Bilson
Anie Bilson
Frances Bilson
Eleanora Bilson
Margaret Bilson
Amelia Bilson
Evalina Bilson
Elanor Bilson
Lydia Bilson
Ada Bilson
Ethel Bilson
Lousia Bilson
Thirza Bilson
Susan Bilson
Ruth Bilson
Betsy Bilson
Pricilla Bilson
Martha Bilson

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Engine Fitter
Scholar Pauper
Carpenter & Joiner
General Lab
General Labourer Unemployed
Engineers Clerk
Assistant Grocers
Gardener Domestic Serv
Wool ((Dealer))(Stapler)
Engine Driver Cement Wks
Engine Driver Wife
Cook Domestic
Cotton Winder
Dom Serv
Dom Serv Coachman
Engine Driver
Druggist (Assistant)
Drapers Assistant
Cook (Domestic)
Carpenter And Farmer Of 22 Acres
Assistant In Iron Mongery
Bankers Clerk Daur
Bankers Clerk W
Book Folder
Boy 2 Cl
Brass Finisher
Cabinet Maker
Carpenter & Joiner Wife
Assistant In Laundry (Washing)
Cattle Drover
Charwoman Dom Servt
Chemistry Student (Scientific Pursuit)
Cigar Maker