Binet in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Charles Binet
Philip Binet
Thomas Binet
John Binet
George Binet
Richard Binet
James Binet
Walter Binet
Jean Binet
Herbert Binet
Ernest Binet
Courtland Binet
Arthur Binet
Oscar Binet
Adolphus Binet
Louis Binet
Henry Binet
Francois Binet
E. Binet
Roland Binet
Adrien Binet
Olliver Binet
Achille Binet
Jules Binet

Top female forenames

Mary Binet
Elizabeth Binet
Ann Binet
Jane Binet
Caroline Binet
Marie Binet
Florence Binet
Harriet Binet
Esther Binet
Susanne Binet
Margarit Binet
Lucinda Binet
Helena Binet
Georgina Binet
Thomas Binet
Ella Binet
Melina Binet
Eliza Binet
Martha Binet
Augusta Binet
Marguerite Binet
Alice Binet
Mabel Binet
Flory Binet

Top occupations

Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Land Proprietor Farmer Of 8 Vergee
Land Proprietor & Farmer
Landowner And Farmer (15 Acres)
Laundress (Sailors Wife)
Lodging House Keeper
Ironmonger Employing 2 Men
Land Proprietor Of 15 Acres
Master Marriners Wife
School Mistress
Retired Land Proprietor Of 30 Vergees
Public Accountants
Parlourmaid (Domestic Servt)
Organist (Musician)
No Occupation
Music Teacher
Minister Independant Chapel B A University Of London
Milliner Employ 3 Apprentices
Master Mason Employing 1 Man
House Keeper
Civil Engineering Student
Carter Employing 3 Men
Carpenter Wife
Boot & Shoe Maker
Black Smith
At Home (FS)
Wife Of Clerk In Drapery Estabt
Clerk In Drapery Estabt
Clerk Waterworks Co
General Serv Domestic
General Lab
General Carrier
French Teacher
Farmer Of 30 Vergees
Farmer Of 1 Acre
Commercial Clerk