Birbeck in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Birbeck
William Birbeck
Thomas Birbeck
Joseph Birbeck
George Birbeck
James Birbeck
Charles Birbeck
Robert Birbeck
Edward Birbeck
Henry Birbeck
Richard Birbeck
Samuel Birbeck
Walter Birbeck
Francis Birbeck
Jonathan Birbeck
Simon Birbeck
Frederick Birbeck
Ralph Birbeck
Sidney Birbeck
Robt. Birbeck
Mason Birbeck
Thos. Birbeck
Jinidab Birbeck
Jamerlyhill Birbeck
Benjamin Birbeck
Allan Birbeck
Harold Birbeck
Abram Birbeck
Fisher Birbeck
Michael Birbeck
Wm.J. Birbeck
Crossley Birbeck
Chas. Birbeck
Thompson Birbeck
Bromley Birbeck
Sydney Birbeck
Isaac Birbeck
Anthony Birbeck
Harry Birbeck
Alfred Birbeck
Abraham Birbeck
Percy Birbeck
Emanuel Birbeck
Daniel Birbeck
Clement Birbeck

Top female forenames

Mary Birbeck
Elizabeth Birbeck
Sarah Birbeck
Margaret Birbeck
Ann Birbeck
Jane Birbeck
Isabella Birbeck
Annie Birbeck
Frances Birbeck
Emma Birbeck
Louisa Birbeck
Hannah Birbeck
Ellen Birbeck
Ada Birbeck
Florence Birbeck
Emily Birbeck
Clara Birbeck
Harriet Birbeck
Jessie Birbeck
Anne Birbeck
Alice Birbeck
Elizh. Birbeck
Eliza Birbeck
Helen Birbeck
Eleanor Birbeck
Susan Birbeck
Catherine Birbeck
Esther Birbeck
Nelsee Birbeck
Matilda Birbeck
Elizth. Birbeck
Martha Birbeck
Agness Birbeck
Hilda Birbeck
Margt. Birbeck
Adeline Birbeck
Helena Birbeck
Elisabeth Birbeck
Mabel Birbeck
Harry Birbeck
William Birbeck
Edith Birbeck
Lizzie Birbeck
Thomas Birbeck
Lilian Birbeck
Charlotte Birbeck
Kate Birbeck
Ethel Birbeck
Phillis Birbeck
Caroline Birbeck

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Iron Miner
Ag Lab
Railway Clerk
General Servant
House Keeper
Coal Miners Wife
Telegraph Inst Maker
Railway Labourer
Cotton Winder
Burnisher (Potter)
Domestic Servant
Farmers Wife
Artist (Potter)
Curate of Nailsworth Wife
Domestic Serv
Artist In China (Mfr)
Domestic Labourer
Cooper In Cement Works
Annuitant Formerly Glover
Artists Wife
Curate of Nailsworth Son
Curate of Nailsworth
Blacksmith Apprentice
Yeoman (Farmer) Occupy 71 Acres Emp 4 Labourers
Chem Labourer
China Ground Layer
Clearing H Clerk
Book Keeper
Clerk In Estate Office
Clerk In Railway Office
Clerk Wife
Coal Dealer
Coal Merchant
Blacksmiths Wife
Blacksmith Colliery