Birdsell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Birdsell
John Birdsell
James Birdsell
George Birdsell
Edwin Birdsell
Benjamin Birdsell
Robert Birdsell
Joseph Birdsell
Joe Birdsell
Herbert Birdsell
Fred Birdsell
Edward Birdsell
Thomas Birdsell
Randolph Birdsell

Top female forenames

Sarah Birdsell
Mary Birdsell
Annie Birdsell
Harriet Birdsell
Elizebeth Birdsell
Nancy Birdsell
Letie Birdsell
Emily Birdsell
Elizabeth Birdsell
Ruth Birdsell

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Farm Servant
Puddler Iron
Labourer (General)
Knotter Of Woollen
Iron Merchant (Monger)
Hot Water And Engine Fitter
General Serv Domestic
Flyer Maker
Domestic General Serv
Commercial Traveller
Coal Agent
Card Nailer (For Woolcombers)(S/M)